Upcoming Changes to the FREE MyHeritage DNA Matching Service

As of December 1, 2018, MyHeritage’s policy regarding DNA uploads will change: DNA Matching will remain free for uploaded DNA data, but unlocking additional DNA features (for example, ethnicity estimate, chromosome browser, and some others) will require an extra payment for DNA files uploaded after this date.

MyHeritage will announce the full details of the new policy once it is finalized, closer to December 1st. All DNA data that was uploaded to MyHeritage in the past, and all DNA data that is uploaded between today and prior to December 1, 2018, will continue to enjoy full access to all DNA features for free. These uploads will be grandfathered in and will remain free.

If you have been thinking about uploading the DNA information from some other company’s test and comparing your already-known DNA markers obtained from some other company to MyHeritage’s international DNA database, now is the time to do so while all the DNA features are free (and they will remain free for those that upload now).

Upload DNA data now!

If you haven’t tested your DNA yet, you are invited to order a DNA testing kit today from MyHeritage.

You can read all the details in the MyHeritage Blog at: https://tinyurl.com/y9kk5rk6.


They no longer let me look at the supposed matches they send me every week, so these chnages don’t mean much to me.
In any case, quite a few of the “matches” do not match using GEDmatch.


    Israel, why do you say you can no longer look at the matches? It’s working well for me. I am a paid MyH subscriber though. People who test or upload to MyH may or may not know about and upload to Gedmatch also.


IF I upload from another site, do I then lose the information at the original site I got the test done through??


    —> IF I upload from another site, do I then lose the information at the original site I got the test done through??

    No. It will have no impact on the original DNA service. You can use both services simultaneously, should you wish to do so.


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