DNA leads to Arrest in Florida Woman’s 1999 Murder

On March 29, 1999, Deborah Dalzell’s body was found inside her home off Colony Meadows Lane in Sarasota, Florida. Her co-workers were concerned when she did not show up for work. When deputies arrived, they found her brutally beaten, sexually battered, and strangled. Who did it remained a mystery for nearly two decades. The main piece of evidence left behind was DNA from the suspect.

The mystery man was finally unmasked this week. Deputies announced the arrest of 39-year old Luke Fleming. At the time of the murder, he lived less than a mile away from Dalzell. Fleming was charged with murder and sexual battery with great bodily harm. He remains in the Sarasota County Jail on a $1.2-million bond.

“Thanks to DNA evidence coupled with ancestry and genealogy, we’ve finally connected the dots,” said Sheriff Tom Knight.

The story involves Parabon NanoLabs, a company already mentioned in another article today in this newsletter.

Details and a video may be found in an article by Kimberly Kuizon of FOX 13 News at http://bit.ly/2NWNmmq.


The only problem I see is a comment such as one recently that said “This is not an exact science,” lawyers will run with that.


– DNA uses.
– Facial recognition uses.
– Affordable scientific tools for everyone.
DNA technology keeps moving ahead to help solve mysteries. Sometimes DNA can help identify human remains and help find possible criminals. https://parabon-nanolabs.com/
Now DNA may be used to predict the general appearance of someone from DNA found 30 or more years ago. For some time the novelty of using your DNA to possible predicate the appearance of and ancestor has existed. You may also take a sample of your DNA today and predict what you may look like in the future. All of this technology is driven by military and police investigations which use our tax dollars to learn more. Facial recognition has been out for some time but, all of this technology is only a guide to help investigations.
Examples of being able to solve a terrible crime by tracing someone back to a 3rd cousin using DNA are in the news. We also know DNA can be used to produce custom drugs and medication for people.
Trying to estimate someone’s appearance over time is a challenge. Our appearance changes a great deal over our lifetime. I have found to look for similar appearances in relatives you often need to see them when they are close to the same age. When we have old photos of ancestors you need to estimate their age in that photo then possibly look at a photo of yourself at approximately the same age.
As time goes on these tools start to become readily available and sometimes for free. Right now it can be expensive. We need only look at testing DNA today to see how prices dropped by 90 percent over the last two decades.
P. Caverly

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