A Plan to Store Everything Ever Published in a 1,000-year Archive

Want to preserve your family history for 1,000 years? That is about to become a possibility. All you need to do is to publish the information in Norway.

The National Library of Norway’s (NLN) secure storage facility plans to digitize everything ever published in Norway: books, newspapers, manuscripts, posters, photos, movies, broadcasts, and maps, as well as all websites on the Norwegian .no domain.

Their work has been going on for the past 12 years and will take 30 years to complete by current estimations.

At the moment, the library has already saved more than 540,000 books and over 2,000,000 newspapers in its archive. These have been mass-scanned and OCR-processed before being stored, so all the content in the library is free-text searchable.

The National Library plans to make the archives available for the public, so it needs online storage for publishing the collection. Even better, as storage formats change, such as a move from .DOC files to .PDF files or any other technology change, the National Library of Norway expects to convert obsolete formatted documents into whatever current format of choice is suitable. In fact, 50 million image files have already been converted and the plan is to continue that effort for at least 1,000 more years.

Entire disk cabinets containing hundreds of hard disk drives are expected to be swapped out every five years with something more modern. In addition, the National Library of Norway stores everything in triplicate just to cover possible disk crashes or other data losses.

Hmmm, could something similar be done by a large genealogy organization?

You can read more about the National Library of Norway’s efforts that are already well underway in an article by Stig Øyvann in the ZDNet web site at: https://zd.net/2BUrkKJ.


Google was tying to do something simila until publishers and authos aid raised stink.


Bravo, Norway. As always – a forward-thinking country!!


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