German Genealogy Worldwide: 1st Board of the International German Genealogy Partnership is Elected

The following announcement was written by the International German Genealogy Partnership:

It has been many months in development, and with many twists and turns along the way.  But now the moment has arrived at last!

In time for the 70th Deutscher Genealogentag held Oct. 5-7, 2018 in Melle near Osnabrück, Germany, the International German Genealogy Partnership (IGGP) has finally taken its place within the genealogical world as an organization that seeks to unite researchers from several countries behind a common purpose.  And in coming to life as a vehicle for cooperation across national boundaries and diverse oceans, it may serve as a model for others.

The IGGP is an umbrella organization of societies, groups and institutions that focus (in whole or in part) on German genealogy.  It was incorporated in Minnesota, U.S.A. in May of this year after first appearing three years before as an unincorporated German-American Genealogical Partnership (GAGP). The expansion of the dream came quickly upon the realization of the founding partners that still more Germanic-centered organizations were eager to be a part of this joint effort.  Now we encompass partners from four continents:  Australia, Europe, and both North and South America.

In September this partnership elected its very first board of directors.  And this board faithfully reflects the diversity of its partners:   President – Ingeborg Carpenter (USA), Vice Presidents – Kent Cutkomp (USA) & Dirk Weissleder (Germany), Secretary – Edie Adam (USA, but representing the SGGEE with its many Canadian members), Treasurer – Tom Foerster (USA), and with at-large members Kim Ashford (USA), André Hammann (Brazil), Ben Hollister (Australia), and Nancy Myers (Germany).

IGGP board members in Melle: Kent Cutkomp (1st Vice President), Nancy Myers, Ingeborg Carpenter (President), Dirk Weissleder (2nd Vice President)

picture: Sebastian Gansauer/DAGV pictures


Hope this new german genealogy will be helpful for uncommon surname. Have looked for a long time.


My paternal side is German and I have found it difficult to find documents from the Rhineland-Palatinate area as these are small communities. Its even hard to find information on history for this area (and not just big events as these are covered). I wonder if there’s a list of German genealogy groups worldwide?


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