Infinite Family Tree Drawer – a New App in the Macintosh App Store

Infinite Family Tree Drawer is a rather simple Macintosh program that reads GEDCOM files and then can convert the data to expanded pedigree charts or descendant charts, suitable for printing and even for hanging on the wall.

Several users of the program report that is is a great tool for anyone who keeps family trees on because Ancestry users can generate and download a GEDCOM file and then use that file with Infinite Family Tree Drawer to create printouts that aren’t available on itself. Of course, it will also work with any other modern genealogy program that is capable of generating GEDCOM files. (Almost all of today’s genealogy programs can generate GEDCOM files.)

The program’s description claims:

  • Import your existing genealogical database from any GEDCOM file
  • Draw, print or export to PDF format ascending and descending family trees
  • Trees can contain hundreds of people, dozens of generations, include all the dates, places and notes associated to persons and families, and still remain printable on a few standard pages
  • Built-in timeline presentation
  • Automatically collapse and highlight implex branches (redundant branches that appear when two distant cousins get married)

One anonymous user reports: “I have over 100,000 people in my database and my 60+ megabyte GEDCOM file loaded fine (albeit, as expected, a little slowly). The reports are nice and highly customizable.”

The program is capable of displaying information in either English or French.

The basic program is free but is limited to displaying information about a maximum of only 64 people. You will have to pay $1.99 or $8.99 if you want to print out charts with more than 64 people. (All prices are in US dollars.) The $8.99 price allows for databases of unlimited size.

You can learn more about Infinite Family Tree Drawer for Macintosh OS X systems (not for iOS mobile devices such is iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch) in the Apple App Store. You can also read a bit more about Infinite Family Tree Drawer and look at PDF examples of some of the reports at:

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I need an infinite drawer. My filing drawer is overflowing.


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