Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada Local History and Genealogy Books are Available Online

The Kelowna and District Genealogical Society Cemetery Recording Committee has been busy! Members of the committee have written and published 15 books about Kelowna local history and genealogy and then published a 16th book that is an index to the other 15. The index book lists more than 9,000 names.

The printed books have sold out. However, all of them are also available online at no charge.

Six of these books include extensive local history and genealogies while nine of the books are traditional transcription books. The 16th book is the index.

To access this collection:

  • Go to the Digitized Okanagan History (DOH) website at
  • Select Browse on the menu.
  • Find the KDGS logo and click on logo.
  • Find the People and Place icon and click on icon.
  • The 16 books can be opened and read on the People and Places page.
  • Enjoy!

My thanks to newsletter reader Susan D. Campbell for telling me about this online collection.


Click on “browse” and the page comes up; “Could not connect to the repository. Please check the settings on the Islandora configuration page.”


same as above can not use


    The link worked Friday. I tested it before posting the article. However, it obviously does not work today. That is not unusual. I don’t know the problem with this particular web site but am suspicious that it is hosted on a low-cost web site. That is common for web pages that normally do not get many hits per day. Usually, the low-cost sites are limited to a certain maximum amount of data they can send/receive per month. When they hit the maximum number of bytes, the page or the entire web site may be blocked until the month is up and the count resets to zero.

    I am not sure if that is the problem here but I would not be surprised. I have seen that quite a few times before when a web site that usually has low usage gets mentioned in some online article and suddenly the number of clicks and the load on the server goes up by hundreds or thousands of clicks. The web pages or sometimes the entire site are sometimes blocked until the end of the monthly billing cycle.

    One of the Kelowna and District Genealogical Society members contacted me earlier today and said the site had “developed problems” but was not specific as to the exact cause of the problem.


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