‘Family History’ Genealogy Drama Pilot on ABC Television

The U.S. may get a new genealogy-related television program. A one-time pilot episode has been produced. ABC television has acquired the rights to the program and probably will offer it as a weekly show, to be called Family History.

The hour-long fictional family drama is inspired by the recent explosion in genetic genealogy testing. It follows a young tech reporter in the Bay area whose life changes when she discovers a family secret via a DNA-testing web site. The show explores nature versus nurture and how technology has caught up to our secrets. We may be the last generation to have secrets.

There is no announcement yet as to when or even if it will appear in the weekly television lineup on ABC. Obviously, it is too late to appear in the 2018 programming.

Details may be found in a brief article by Nellie Andreeva in the Deadline.com web site at http://bit.ly/2AfrFq1.

My thanks to the several newsletter readers who wrote to me to tell me about the new show.

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Another fictional account for readers might be Barbara Delinsky’s “Family Tree” 2007 which focuses on race, family, and choices under crisis. DNA is a major factor in the book although science has brought so many more factors to the fore since 2007. Enjoy. Carl

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