Forces War Records now has Over 20 Million Military Records Available to Search Online

Forces War Records has achieved a major milestone: more than 20 million U.K. individuals’ records transcribed, online, and available to search by name. Here is the announcement written by Forces War Records:

Forces War Records, the website to visit for anyone researching their family’s military history or searching for ancestors through military data are excited to announce we have now reached the milestone of Over 20 Million individuals records transcribed and available to search by name.

That’s over 20 million reasons to search Forces War Records to find the war hero in your family.

Included in our vast database we have:

  • Millions of exclusive records, only available at Forces War Records
  • Military records from the Napoleonic Wars to WWII and beyond
  • WWI actions and troop movements (ORBATS)
  • An extensive Historical Documents Library
  • Unique ‘Dedication Wall’ to post a lasting memorial to your ancestor

Original documents transcribed.
Every detail of these original, often fragile and fading records is painstakingly transcribed by a team of fastidious data entry analysts. To ensure the very highest levels of accuracy they are all UK-based with English as their mother tongue – and Forces War Records is the only site that transcribes virtually all its own data, meaning records can be amended or altered if more verifiable, correct data subsequently comes to light.

Specialising only in military history, Forces War Records also has a crack team of professional researchers and military experts on hand to personally uncover extra layers of history about long gone forebears. Our mission is to hold the most in-depth, accurate and helpful military records available.

Are you looking for the war heroes in your family?
Do you know enough about your ancestors and their military past?
Why not log on to Forces War Records and search our vast collection of records to find out more – there could be a war hero in your family just waiting to be discovered, and remembered…


No Navy and a recurring subscription required to view records. No single use option. Debating if my curiosity outweighs recalling to unsubscribe next month.


Still waiting for refund after cancelling my subscription in June and still having payments taken out of my account. will contact my bank a kid ask them to block mine and other veterans payments to the site plus warn fellow veterans to not to use the site. Bill Pearson ex Royal Signals 1958-64


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