Attention Plus Edition Subscribers: the Plus Edition Web Site is Being Moved

This is a short note to all Plus Edition subscribers:

After procrastinating for far too long, I am moving the Plus Edition subscribers’ web site to You might want to update your bookmarks.

This replaces the old web site at

The old web site needed several software updates to remain operational. In fact, a couple of things broke recently and could not be fixed without significant software updates. I thought about it a bit and decided to move the site to a different hosting service and to install all new software. The end result will hopefully be a more stable web site.

You can take a look right now at the new web site at: . Your existing username and password should still work the same as always. (And moving usernames and passwords turned out to be a Herculean task!!!)

Only the last two weeks of articles have been moved so far to the new site but the remainder of articles will be moved over the next few days.

Also, there are many broken links. I’ll fix those one at a time as I find them.

You will notice the new web site has a totally different “look and feel” from the old one. I am not certain if that will be permanent or if it will be changed to something else. Let’s go with it for now until we all gain a bit of experience with it.

In any case, the Plus Edition web site is now at:


Worked just fine, Dick. Had to remember my log in, but luckily I know where to look for that!! Very business like look which is easy to read and follow. Sorry you’ve had so much work to do and probably even more, but thanks for keeping us in touch.


I have subscription and can log into current one, no problem. When to ”” site, and it does NOT accept my e-mail, nor my password.
What Now???. Thank you.


Diane Patricia Turnbull October 23, 2018 at 6:11 am

I LOVE the new website. I had no trouble logging in!


HTTPS is much more secure than HTTP. I tried to subscribe several times and was warned by my security program to not send bank/payment/personal id/ or payments over an HTTP link. I did subscribe but received warnings often after I subscribed. So I dropped your “Plus” blog. Thanks for the upgrade. Problem: I just clicked on the new site “” to subscribe and the old ‘HTTP’ address appeared.


    —> Problem: I just clicked on the new site “” to subscribe and the old ‘HTTP’ address appeared.

    I have received messages this morning from a number of newsletter readers and all report that the connection is always secure if they specify and address of

    Can you tell me how you got the insecure connection?


I am behind in reading my Plus Edition. Will I still be able to read earlier ones?


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