New Guides to Tracing Ancestors in Tipperary and Leitrim

The following announcement was written by the Flyleaf Press:

Flyleaf Press has published two new guides: to tracing ancestors in Counties Tipperary and Leitrim. Both are filled with information on the records of these counties, and how and where they can be accessed. This includes guidance on Irish archives and on many on-line sources. Both titles are well illustrated with maps and examples of the types of records to be found; and with other background material. They also provide an understanding of the social history of the respective counties and how this history has affected the keeping and survival of records. There is also a comprehensive index.


  • Tracing your Tipperary Ancestors by Noreen Higgins-McHugh ISBN: 978-1-907990-32-8
  • Tracing your Leitrim Ancestors by Tom Coughlan ISBN: 978-1-907990-33-5

Both titles are published in the same format and offered at the same retail price: €14.00
160 pages; 227 x 145 mm; paperback; indexed; b/w illustrations.

Dr Noreen Higgins-McHugh is a Tipperary historian with a special interest in genealogy. She is secretary of Tipperary Historical Society, and holds a Master’s Degree in Local History from University of Limerick, and a PhD from University College Cork. Her PhD thesis focused on the 1830s Tithe War in the region. She gives genealogy classes, and writes for Tipperary Historical Journal and other publications. She has also supported the Clans of Ireland organisation; and the local Heritage Office through her membership of the South Tipperary Heritage Forum from 2003-2010. She is author of ‘Tipperary’s Tithe War 1830-1838: Parish Accounts of Resistance against a Church Tax’ (St. Helen’s Press, 2002).

Tom Coughlan is a professional genealogist with a Diploma in Genealogy and Family History from University College Dublin and significant experience in conducting family history research for international clients. Although he has conducted research in almost every county, his primary interest is Co. Leitrim where his own family roots lie, and where he lives. Tom has also presented genealogy courses and lectures; published articles ; and is a member of the expert team which provides genealogy advice to visitors to the National Library of Ireland. He is also engaged in a long-term, wide-ranging study of aspects of Leitrim’s genealogical story.


I once asked them if they were or would ever produce a guide for County Kilkenny. The answer was a resounding no.


£14 is equivalent to USD $18.03.


Flyleaf Press publish many counties already. I have County Kerry and County Cork.


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