National Genealogical Society Seeks Nominations for the 2019 National Genealogy Hall of Fame

The following announcement was written by the (U.S.) National Genealogical Society:

At the 2018 NGS Conference in the States held in Grand Rapids, Michigan, the National Genealogy Hall of Fame welcomed its thirty-third member, Mary Smith Fay, an author of two books and over three dozen articles. Her research interests spanned the entire Eastern United States to Texas. She was nominated by the American Society of Genealogists with supporting recognition from the Houston Genealogical Forum and the White County Historical Society [Illinois].

Would your society like to honor a genealogist whose unique, pioneering, or exemplary work lives on today? Perhaps there was a notable genealogist in your state or county whose name should be memorialized in the National Genealogy Hall of Fame.

If so, the National Genealogical Society would like to hear from you.

NGS and the National Genealogy Hall of Fame Committee are seeking nominations from the entire genealogical community for persons whose achievements or contributions made an impact on our field. This educational program increases appreciation for the dedication and important advancements achieved by committed genealogists whose work paved the way for future researchers. This is an opportunity for your nominee to receive national exposure for their genealogical contributions.

Since 1986 when Donald Lines Jacobus became the first genealogist elected to the National Genealogy Hall of Fame, thirty-three outstanding genealogists have been recognized for their contributions. The next honoree will join this select group of distinguished members. The winner and the society that honored the nominee will be announced at the NGS 2019 Family History Conference in St. Charles, Missouri.

Nominations for election to the National Genealogy Hall of Fame are made by genealogical societies and historical societies throughout the United States.

Guidelines for nominations:

  • The National Genealogy Hall of Fame is an educational project in which the entire genealogical community is invited to participate. Affiliation with the National Genealogical Society is not required.
  • A nominee must have been actively engaged in genealogy in the United States for at least ten years, must have been deceased for at least five years at the time of nomination, and must have made contributions to the field of genealogy judged to be of lasting significance in ways that were unique, pioneering, or exemplary.
  • The National Genealogy Hall of Fame Committee elects one person to the Hall of Fame annually. Those elected are permanently commemorated in the Hall of Fame at Society headquarters, Arlington, Virginia.
  • Nominations for election to the National Genealogy Hall of Fame are due by 15 December 2018. Official nomination forms are available from our website, under the awards tab, or by contacting the National Genealogical Society, 6400 Arlington Blvd., Suite 810, Falls Church, Virginia 22042‐2318. Email: Phone: 800-473-0060.

Honored Members of the National Genealogy Hall of Fame

  • 1986 Donald Lines Jacobus (1887-1970)
  • 1987 Walter Goodwin Davis (1885-1966)
  • 1988 Gilbert Cope (1840-1928)
  • 1989 John Farmer (1789-1838)
  • 1990 George A. Moriarty Jr. (1883-1968)
  • 1991 Lucy Mary Kellogg (1899-1973)
  • 1992 Meredith B. Colket Jr. (1912-1985)
  • 1993 Henry Fitz Gilbert Waters (1833-1913)
  • 1994 Archibald Fowler Bennett (1896-1965)
  • 1995 Joseph Lemuel Chester (1821-1882)
  • 1996 George Ernest Bowman (1860-1941)
  • 1997 John Insley Coddington (1902-1991)
  • 1998 Jean Stephenson (1892-1979)
  • 1999 James Dent Walker (1928-1993)
  • 2000 Rabbi Malcolm H. Stern (1915-1994)
  • 2001 Richard Stephen Lackey (1941-1983)
  • 2002 Hannah Benner Roach (1907-1976)
  • 2003 Milton Rubincam (1909-1997)
  • 2004 Herbert Furman Seversmith (1904-1967)
  • 2005 Mary Lovering Holman (1868-1947)
  • 2006 Dr. Kenn Stryker-Rodda (1903-1990)
  • 2007 Walter Lee Sheppard Jr. (1911-2000)
  • 2008 Lowell M. Volkel (1936-1992)
  • 2009 Willard Heiss (1921-1988)
  • 2010 Rosalie Fellows Bailey (1908-1991)
  • 2011 Albert Cook Myers (1874-1960)
  • 2012 Josephine Cosette Mayou Stillman Frost (1864-1942)
  • 2013 Earle Gregg Swem (1870-1965)
  • 2014 Florence Harlow Barclay (1889-1980)
  • 2015 Donald Arleigh Sinclair (1916-2004)
  • 2016 Marsha Hoffman Rising (1945-2010)
  • 2017 Peter Stebbins Craig (1928-2009)
  • 2018 Mary Smith Fay (1915-2000)

To read short biographies of the Hall of Fame members, visit

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