Bible Rescue Saves Family Bibles and the Genealogies Inside

This is the story of how the nonprofit, Bible Rescue, saves lost Bibles. They look for Bibles containing genealogy information to be reunited with families. A rare Bible owned by a slave family is among the collection, but the goal is not to keep them but rather, to return these priceless heirlooms.

The Bible Rescue “library” now houses stacks and shelves full of Bibles and as volunteers come in and review the family history in the Bibles, they tag them with the predominant family name. Then they are shelved until another volunteer photographs the pages of family history. The most thrilling finds are ones that include photographs inside. Another volunteer submits the genealogy information to FamilySearch and other family history organizations.

You can read more about this wonderful effort in an article by Rachel J. Trotter in the Evalogue.Life Web site at: and also watch a YouTube video at:


and digitize the vital information first??? i really hope so . . . perhaps it could be posted where others might access it?


now i see the rest of the piece . . . indeed they are being copied and the data sent to public databases . . .


Another place to preserve the family history from any bible is the National Society of American Descendants of the Revolution Library in Washington DC. Contact any local DAR chapter for more information. They take photocopies of the Family history pages with a transcription and these are placed in the Genealogical Records Committee Index which is searchable online. Copies are available for a small charge.


A number of years ago when I volunteered at a local thrift store old bibles would come in with the leading pages torn out. Who knows what they did with that history.


I have been rescuing bibles for years. I enjoy attending auctions where I find most of them. (They are usually in boxes of miscellaneous items I throw away.) I research the bibles through and other genealogy research sites. All I ever request of the recipient is reimburse the price I paid, usually $3.00 to $10.00, and the postage to mail it. I have successfully returned 18 of these priceless, treasured family bibles. Is there a place to send the two remaining bibles I’ve had for several years? I may be contacted at R S Rudder


Oh dear! The leading pages may have had the family history data or the middle pages, or they may be stuck in between some pages somewhere else in the Bible . . . don’t give up before you look for pages with writing other than those at the front.


We at Gladwin County Genealogical Society, Inc. (MI) have been gathering Bibles that have been put in the book sale locally. We Photocopy all pages with information on them along with title & publication pages and many times additional papers that have been stored in that bible. These copies are then put into a binder for patrons to look through. If it is their family, the Bible is offered to them as we really don’t need them. They should be with family members.We wrap the Bibles and store them out of the environment hoping they will be claimed. Many times we have our room workers do a bit of research on these families and make a genealogy file for them, just more good research resources. We love doing it. Our society contact is gladwincountygenealogy at

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I have been “collecting” genealogy memorabilia for years from flea markets, yard sales and thrift stores. I research until I find a find a family and offer the item(s) to them at my cost plus shipping. So I was impressed with your article about Bible Rescue. Then (drum roll)… I discovered their definition of “returning” the Bibles to family differs tremendously from mine. They are selling them for $100.00 each on eBay.


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