Now You Can Sequence Your Genome For Just $200

UPDATE: This “limited time offer” has now expired.

NOTE: This isn’t about having a few markers of your DNA tested for genealogy purposes. Instead, it describes a test to have your ENTIRE GENOME tested.

The first nearly complete human genomes were sequenced in 2007: J. Craig Venter and James Watson. The exact cost of the effort was never precisely calculated but it probably cost a million dollars or more for the laboratories involved. (The cost was not passed on to the individuals being sequenced.)

Now, only eleven years later, for the next 48 hours, Cambridge-based Veritas Genetics will be lowering its $999 whole genome sequencing and interpretation service for just $199 for two days, or to the first 1,000 people who buy spit kits. Again, that is a limited-time offer.

Not only is the price cheap, CEO Mirza Cifric says that it’s more than just a holiday-season gimmick. “We’re sending a clear signal to the medical research community that the $99 genome will be here in three to five years,” he says. “People might be thinking it’s still a decade away. We want to wake them up.”

Details may be found in an article by Megan Molteni in the Wired web site at:


I was going to jump on this… just $20 wow… but got to the next page and it was a typo lol…. really $200 so I guess I will leave this to others, Happy Thanksgiving and Merry Christmas to all of you.


Just checked and it is already sold out. Will watch for another opportunity. Thanks for letting us know about this. Ed Keelin


There is also a whole genome sequencing offer from Dante Laboratories at the same price. That offer lasts for the next week. See my blog post here:


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