Findmypast Announces Black Friday DNA Sale

The following announcement was written by Findmypast:



What’s the difference between this and LivingDNA? Once LivingDNA starts offering relative matching, will I need to retake the test through FMP in order to get matches there, too? Or will my existing LivingDNA membership cover both sites?


Until they offer relative matching, and chromosome browser tools, Living DNA and FindMyPast DNA are more valuable as cocktail party conversation than genealogy research IMHO.
Currently MyHeritage offers much more robust tools. FamilyTreeDNA and 23andMe have good matching tools and bigger databases. There are more useful kits available for genetic genealogy research.


    MyHeritage has some good tools,but their ethnic projections are notoriously inconsistent with what other sites say. I keep waiting for them to improve as the database grows, but it seems like that should’ve happened by now.


I would agree with A – I did free uploads to MyHeritage and LivingDNA. For me, MyHeritage’s ethnicity estimate is way too general, but I really like the chromosome browser and have some meaningful matches. LivingDNA’s ethnicity estimate is much more accurate overall, and spot on as far as regional English breakdown with some extra unexpected regions thrown in.


I just ordered the LivingDNA So I can see the locations for the English DNA that I have gotten from both parents (the English on my mother’s side is a big surprise as she should have been mostly Irish with some Scottish) and my father’s family came from England to America in 1696 so I want to see where they were originally from in England.
I had done my DNA with Ancestry and when I received my results I was surprised to see how much English I had, as they separate English from Scottish & Irish whereas 23 & me which my cousin had used only lists all 3 countries together as British Isles. I did see that 23 & me separated the Western Europe into French & German, which Ancestry’s did not (I have both in my genealogy, but couldn’t see the % of each of those in Ancestry).
I did see that Ancestry’s DNA matched me with cousins that I knew about and also solved a puzzle in regards to a branch of the family that was a brick wall!!
I would take from this that every company does it differently so its good to try the various ones to get a better picture of the family tree.


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