Adds Captioning to Hundreds of Genealogy and DNA Education Classes

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December 5, 2018

Legacy Family Tree Webinars, the leading genealogy and DNA webinar platform, announced today the addition of closed captioning to its service. Implemented as a full human-curated transcription via synced subtitles, closed captioning is now available as an option for all live and members-only webinar recordings released since May 1, 2018. In addition, the most popular 50 webinars on the platform and all MyHeritage-specific webinars have been captioned. Legacy will add captioning to all new webinars going forward.

“We are committed to providing the best genealogy and DNA education for all, including people who are hard of hearing,” said Geoff Rasmussen, founder and host of Legacy Family Tree Webinars. “Captioning is an excellent way to make online education more accessible, and is also a benefit to non-native English speakers who struggle with spoken English but have an easier time with written English”.

Legacy has exciting plans for 2019, which include the hosting of webinars in non-English languages as well as the translation of English captions to select foreign languages.

“When we acquired Legacy last year, we promised to invest resources to improve the webinar platform and increase its reach, while maintaining its high quality and unique character”, said Gilad Japhet, founder and CEO of MyHeritage. “The addition of closed captioning makes good on this promise and, with translated captioning coming up soon, will help make the webinars accessible to millions of people in Europe and other countries, true to MyHeritage’s goal of making genealogy and DNA testing available to huge consumer audiences worldwide”.

To access closed captioning, webinar viewers may click on the blue CC icon in the lower right-hand side of the video interface. A list of the 207 webinars already available with captioning is available here (or see list below).

Access to captions requires the viewer to log in with their annual or monthly webinar membership. Information about subscribing is found here. Captioning is also available for free for select free webinars, such as all 24 lectures from MyHeritage’s recent LIVE 2018 conference which took place in Oslo, Norway.

In addition to all webinars from May 1, 2018 onwards, the following popular webinars are also now available with closed captioning:


Genealogy 101, a 3-Session course in beginning genealogy

Ten Brick Wall Tips for Intermediate Researchers

Genealogy for Novices: Where do we begin?

Board for Certification of Genealogists

FAN + GPS + DNA: The Problem-Solver’s Great Trifecta

Are You My Grandpa? Men of the Same Name

Systematically Using Autosomal DNA Test Results to Help Break Through Genealogical Brick Walls


Organizing Your Genetic Genealogy

Strategies to Find the Most Challenging Ancestors with Autosomal DNA Data

Foundations in DNA 1 of 5: Genealogy and DNA


What’s New at FamilySearch

How to Use for Beginners

Digging for Historical Records on FamilySearch


Google Search Strategies for Common Surnames

Using Google Earth for Genealogy

New and Must-Have Google Tips for Genealogy

Legacy Family Tree

Discover the new Legacy Family Tree 9

Legacy Family Tree and FamilySearch Family Tree

Legacy Family Tree for Complete Beginners

Legacy 9 Unlocked (part 1): Your First Few Legacy Tips


Did I Get Everything? Creating a Checklist for Genealogy Research

Complex Evidence – What is It? How Does it Work? And Why Does it Matter?

Debunking Misleading Records


My Genealogy DO-Over – A Year of Learning from Research Mistakes

7 Habits of Highly Frugal Genealogists

Picture This: Images You Can Freely Use


Understanding DNA Matching Technology

Perspectives on Combining Genealogy and Genetics

7 Unique Technologies for Genealogy Discoveries at MyHeritage


The Paper-Less Genealogist

Get Organized Using the FamilyRoots Organizer Color-Coding System

Tips and Tricks to Organizing Your Genealogy

Photos / Digital Images

Complete Photo Restoration in 4 Easy Steps

Smartphone-ography for Genealogists

25 Quick Photoshop Tips for Genealogists – Part one


Foundations of Irish Genealogy

German Internet Research: A Launching Place for Your Research

Researching Your Ancestors in England and Wales


Find Your Immigrant Ancestors AND their Relatives in the New York Passenger Arrival Records

Introduction to German Parish Records

Using Church Records to Identify Ancestors


Microsoft Word Series – #1 Getting Started with Microsoft Word

Windows 10 Survival Guide for Genealogists

Using Evernote for Genealogy


50 Websites Every Genealogist Should Know

A Guided Tour of Cyndi’s List 2.0

50 Most Popular Genealogy Websites

Watch Geoff Live

Watch Geoff Live: DNA

Watch Geoff Live: Adding Online Records to Legacy

Watch Geoff Live: Adding a Passenger Record

Writing and Publishing

Proof Arguments – How to Write Them and Why They Matter

Digital Writing Tools for Genealogists

Sources and Citations Made Simple, Standard, and Powerful

About Legacy Family Tree

Legacy Family Tree is the maker of Legacy Family Tree software and Legacy Family Tree Webinars. Since August 2017, Legacy Family Tree is wholly owned by MyHeritage. Legacy Family Tree Webinars, online since 2010, is a leading education platform that provides online classes to the general public via new webinars every Wednesday. Its webinars have revolutionized genealogy and DNA education by providing access to top industry experts through viewers’ home computers. The schedule of upcoming webinars can be viewed on Paying subscribers gain access to more than 825 streaming, on-demand genealogy classes on the platform.


Well done Legacy! I wish more on-line video content providers would do this … both for the benefit of the hearing impaired, but also for others such as those watching/listening in a second language, or watching in a shared space without headphones.


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