Information About Family Members is Available Wherever You Find It

There is one recent heartwarming story about two brothers who unexpectedly were told about a YouTube video of their father, filmed in 1952 and then converted to a digital video much later. It provided an insight to their father’s life several years before the births of the brothers.

There’s no genealogy information in the video for you or me but it does show a wonderful gift to the two brothers. It also teaches all genealogists to keep looking for information about relatives in the most unusual places.

You can read The video of my dad appeared unexpectedly from a kind stranger. It gave me chills. by Chris Harry in the Washington Post at:

My thanks to newsletter reader Kathy Gelner for telling me about this story.


Thanks for sharing, Dick. What a lovely story and such a great keepsake for the Harry family. The man who sent it on is awesome – what a gift.


What a wonderful, heartwarming story. Thanks, Dick, for posting it.


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