Bill Filed in Texas to Place 125 Year Embargo Period on Birth Records

If passed, this will be a major obstacle to researching Texas ancestors. The following message was received from Jan Meisels Allen, Chairperson of the IAJGS Public Records Access Monitoring Committee:

A bill has been filed in the Texas State Legislature that would impose a 125 year embargo period on access to birth records. Death records are not changed from their current 25 year embargo. Existing law regarding indexes whether a general or summary index is not being proposed to be amended from current statute. To read the bill see:

The bill was filed on January 9, 2019 and not yet assigned to a committee.

Thank you to Brooke Schreier Ganz, president and founder, Reclaim the Records for sharing the information on the bill filing with us.


Why? I can see a 70 year wait but this is not necessary. I think there are issues that need to be taken care of and not something that is not needed


I contacted my Texas State representative. Please join me. Please contact your Texas Representative at


We tighten our hold on access to Vital Records of our ancestors, while at the same time, the Internet is overflowing with OUR personal data, much contributed by ourselves.
What are we afraid of with those 125-year old’s? Legislators have far too much time on their hands.


    you realize, that this attacks adoptees searching for family, attacks people learning about their family, its poorly written dross


My Texas birth certificate (1952) is online all over the place and I’ve always been proud and pleased that in Texas public records were public. Transparent and available, like all public records should be. Too bad the marriage records aren’t as easy to get, but they’re county records.


    a birth certificate should be public info! look at Barack Obama? shouldn’t all persons running for public office, or working in security or heck, trying to get a job in the US? be able to be verified? We need a public database to prove who is born in the US,,and the documentation to support that needs to be a ?? birth certificate. (or would you prefer your social security number be the only proof and put out for public dissemination?)


That makes no sense Texas did not start keep birth records until 1903!


Why would somebody introduce such a bill. Is he or she a bastard child of multiple generations?


If you are an heir, or decendent, then you have thr right to access your family information.


Haven’t even begun to get family documents yet and they’re going to shut us down? Have much family from even before Texas was actually a state. What is the point of this?


My relatives come from Telephone Texas. I have been studying ancestry records. I think it is selfish and self serving to write a bill like this. The author has something to hide and wants all of us to suffer. B.S!!!!!!!


This has nothing to do with protecting existing existing or future records. It is solely and purposely to protect illegals. If they can’t be shown to be illegal then they “must be legal” and eligible for everything a citizen is, to include voting for the socialist fathers that want this bill passed. It includes all social services paid for by taxpayers. It can take Texas right on in to the bankrupt arena as is California.


    OK, cool off a little bit. Texas is a deep red state, so I feel pretty sure it’s not written by “socialist fathers,” nor is it to “protect illegals.” I live in Texas and have no idea why they are doing this. Probably because they don’t understand the necessity of these records and feel like this will somehow prevent identity theft/voter fraud.


Is there an update on this. I can’t find any information that is up to date.


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