Using Genes to Create Personalized Diets

NOTE: This isn’t a true genealogy article. However, it describes a new DNA service and I know many genealogists are interested in almost anything dealing with DNA. Also, I am passing this along as news, not as “my recommendation.” I have no idea how effective DNA is at identifying potential health problems. However, it is an interesting article.

From the University of Nevada at Las Vegas web site:

“It turns out you really are what you eat, according to UNLV scientists who have publicly launched a site that uses computer software to scan users’ DNA for potential health problems and create personalized diets that help lower the risks.

“Food Genes and Me is a spinoff company developed by the Nevada Institute of Personalized Medicine (NIPM) at UNLV.

“Your genes dictate how your body responds to the foods you eat, and therefore can be analyzed to pinpoint your perfect diet. The proprietary software is touted as an “add on” to current popular genetic analysis tools offered by sites such as,,, and It gives users the ability to see what medical issues they’re predisposed to and it delivers custom dietary suggestions.”

You can find the full article at

The Food Genes and Me web site may be found at:


I did it. I wouldn’t do it now knowing how the diet suggestions are formulated. I found no value in their report. If possible, just answer the questions without the dna upload.


I did it just now and uploaded my 23andMe DNA. I agree the report is common sense and was probably just based on my answers.


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