Predicting the Effectiveness of Immunotherapy Treatment by Using DNA Analysis, Artificial Intelligence (A.I.), and Huge Databases in the Cloud

NOTE: This article is not about genealogy but does describe the use of DNA to prevent or cure life-threatening medical problems.

Australian analytics company Max Kelsen is using DNA information derived from millions of individuals, along with the Google Cloud, and artificial intelligence (A.I.), to predict the effectiveness of cancer treatments.

The company is integrating A.I. and whole-genome sequencing into cancer research and clinical practice, focusing initially on immunotherapy treatment for melanoma and small cell lung cancer.

The Max Kelsen company, led by CEO Nicholas Therkelsen-Terry, wants to develop a prediction model that will indicate the likely effectiveness of cancer treatments based on a patient’s genetic makeup.

You can read about this research effort in an article by Asha McLean in the ZDnet web site at


This kind of data base can offer a wealth of information to health care providers and patients. It also allows drug companies etc the needed information to focus research on the most common genetic make ups. BUT what will those with less common genetic make ups do. Pay a higher cost for care or be left out? The if insurance companies are able to access this information will they determine eligibility and price based on genetic makeup? It’s a Pandora’s box and hopefully all parts of today’s societies are ready to address this ethically and fairly.


The scary part is that in a country like Australia that has universal healthcare the information could be used to deny low (but not zero) chance treatments.


Anyone who has had cancer knows they take a biopsy and do genetics on it. That verifies their suspicians or if it is the same cancer they found the first time. They can also figure out if it responds to immunotherapy. They didn’t need my whole genome and they only reported to the insurance company they did a biopsy, found cancer and treatment with immunotherapy is recommended. No genetics. The Auusies will end up getting people stressed for no reason and disperse the DNA to who knows where. Has anyone heard of someone hacking websites?


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