QromaScan v3.1 is Now Available

I have written about the QromaScan device several times. Start at https://tinyurl.com/yc8oma9c to see my earlier articles about QromaScan. Now a major new software upgrade is available for this product that converts your iPhone into a scanner.

QromaScan Version 3.1 has the following new features and improvements:

  • MultiPage TIFF Support for BackScan — Previously, when you scanned the back of your photos, they were flippable in the Gallery, but on disk were two separate files that needed to be moved together when you were organizing your photos. v3.1 supports a feature of the TIFF Standard called MultiPage TIFF, where we can place the front and back of the image into the same image file. This file is still a standard TIFF file and has the same metadata standards as Single TIFF and JPG files, but it now makes it much easier to keep your family history together.
  • Custom Scan Templates — You can now adjust the size and position of your crop box in any Scan Template and store it for later use. This is useful if your iPhone and photos are in the right location, but the crop box isn’t always directly over the image. You can now set it once, and then use it anytime that print size is selected.
  • New DatePicker — Our old DatePicker in the Metadata editor forced you to tap repeatedly to move the years backwards. The new DatePicker uses Natural Language dates to make it much easier to set a new date.
  • Full Screen support for iPhone X,Xs,Xs Max & Xr — Looks like the notch is here to stay, so if you have a new iPhone, we now fully support the new screen sizes.

The new MultiPage TIFF feature can make it much easier to pass along your important family history in a contemporary way. A quick 6 minute video covering the various features in greater detail is available at: https://tinyurl.com/ydhbcexu. The newly-updated QromaScan UserGuide may be found at: https://tinyurl.com/y9z3ku7a.


I bought this product a couple weeks ago. I was told it was not compatible with a Windows computer. Why would this be? If it saves files as jpg and tiff, why would windows not be able to read it? I really would love to have this product, but I do not have an Apple computer, only windows 10. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated, Thank you Kristine.


    —> I was told it was not compatible with a Windows computer. Why would this be?

    I believe the information given to you is inaccurate. Quoting from the QromnScan Users Manual in the “Setting Up” section:

    “QromaScan supports both Apple’s iCloud Drive and Dropbox as a Cloud Sync services to enable users to backup, edit and sync their photos with their Mac or Windows PC.”

    It also states:

    “iCloud Drive is supported on both Mac and Windows PCs. Here is how to view your photos on both platforms:”

    And then it displays screenshots taken on both Windows and Macintosh computers showing how to import the photos.


Thank you very much


The scanned files are compatible with Windows, Mac, and any other system that can read TIF and JPG files with metadata. The QromaScan, QromaTag, QromaFlip apps, lightbox, and slide box, are compatible only with Apple iPhones and possibly some iPads. There are probably no immediate plans to release an Android or Windows version of any of the apps. Only the Qroma apps are capable of producing this metadata with voice recognition as advertised.


On pp 34,35 of the QromaScan UserGuide (link in post), it appears to be possible to use Cloud Sync to import untagged photos from either a Windows or Mac computer to use QromaScan’s metadata editing feature on an iPhone. The tagged files would then be uploaded to iCloud or Dropbox and downloaded to your Mac or Windows computer. I haven’t yet tried this, but it seems likely to work. For specific questions, use the Support link on the Qroma site to email your queries. Tony Knight is good about replying promptly via email.


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