Upcoming United States Colored Troops Transcribe-a-thon

The following announcement was written by The African American Civil War Soldiers Transcription Project:

For the United States Colored Troops (USCT) serving during the Civil War emancipation and military service were entwined. The USCT made up over 10 percent of the Union Army at a time when only one percent of the Northern population was African American. Facing the inherent racism festering in the psyche of the nation, the enlisted troops were met with segregated units and discriminatory practices. Despite the circumstances, these men fought on participating in every major campaign and battle during the last two years of the war earning twenty-five Medals of Honor in the process.

Join us at the DuSable Museum to engage directly with their stories. On February 16th the DuSable Museum will be joined by the African American Civil War Soldiers, an online crowd-sourcing project that is transcribing the complete military service records of the United States Colored Troops. The goals of this database-building project are to improve our knowledge of the estimated 200,000 African Americans (United States Colored Troops) who fought for freedom in the American Civil War, to provide descendants of the soldiers with access to information on their ancestors, and to present students of history with primary documents from a pivotal moment in African American history.
Celebrate the legacy of the soldiers through lectures, performances and activities featuring:

  • John Clegg-Director of African American Civil War Soldiers
  • Dr. Christopher Reed- Professor Emeritus of Roosevelt University
  • Cheryl Wills-Journalist, Author, and TV Personality
  • Julius Jones-Graduate Student Department of History, University of Chicago
  • Cynthia Maddox-Performer Lady Moses: The Story of Harriet Tubman
  • Primary Source exploration featuring objects from the DuSable Museum’s collection and much more

To register, follow our link here.

One Comment

David Paul Davenport February 9, 2019 at 5:06 pm

“The USCT made up over 10 percent of the Union Army at a time when only one percent of the Northern population was African American.” Although was is true it is very misleading. The Union Army was made of of men from almost every state, only South Carolina did not have one Union regiment. More to the point, about 200,000 former slaves were enlisted into the Union Army as “Colored Troops” because it was then possible for them to provide for their spouses and children. This took place because they had escaped from their masters and were protected from state authorities who wanted to arrest them and return them to their masters as per the Fugitive Slave Act that was still officially enforced during the Civil War. ALL of the Compiled Military Service Records of the USCT have been transcribed and are indexed on the American Civil War Research Database and on the US Park Service Civil War Soldiers and Sailors system. It is too bad that this well-intentioned project is duplicating work that has already been done. What it should be doing is transcribing the pension applications of these veterans !


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