The Global Family Reunion to Connect the World Again

The following announcement was written by the organizers of the Global Family Reunion:

Cousins across the continents come together to celebrate

14 February 2019: Four years ago, A.J. Jacobs, New York Times best-selling author, along with special guests including Ted Allen (Food Network), Dr. Mehmet Oz, comedian Nick Kroll, magician David Blaine, Harvard Professor Henry Louis Gates, singer Lisa Loeb, filmmaker Morgan Spurlock, and musical group Sister Sledge (We Are Family), came together to celebrate the connectedness of the human family in an epic reunion unlike any other.

Almost 4,000 “cousins” gathered together at the main event in Queens, New York, while another 6,500 participated at simultaneous events around the world.

It all started with a message AJ at first assumed was an email scam when the sender told him he was one of 80,000 people in the sender’s family tree. Upon discovering this to be legitimate, one thing led to another until AJ decided to throw the biggest, most inclusive party the world had ever seen for his newly found cousins.

Ultimately, the idea of the Global Family Reunion is to not only embrace one’s own family history and but also the whole of humanity as family. As Jacobs said of the 2015 event, “There was a crazy variety of people there and it made me so happy. There were no riots, no fisticuffs. Everyone got along.” In his book, It’s All Relative, A.J. offers compelling evidence that when people know how they are related, they are more likely to respond more civilly towards one another, even if that relationship is distant.

Ancestry Traveler is excited to announce that what AJ began will carry on with the Global Family Reunion 2019. The event will take place June 29, 2019, at the Salt Lake County Equestrian Park and Event Center in South Jordan, Utah (just south of Salt Lake City). Cousins from around the world are invited to come discover who they are and join in a fun-filled day of speakers, live entertainment, vendors, food, carnival rides, historical and cultural events, color runs and more.

Tickets will be available via the Global Family Reunion website soon. To stay informed with the latest updates and news, join the mailing list.

About the Global Family Reunion

WHAT: The most inclusive, most entertaining family reunion in history
WHEN: June 29, 2019 (all day long)
WHERE: The Salt Lake County Equestrian Park and Event Center (South Jordan, Utah) as well as satellite events across the world, and live-streamed access from your computer.

For more details see http:/

About Ancestry Traveler

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CMA2019 IN August in New Brunswick & Prince Edward Island will have over 50,000 attend. The Acadians and their Cajun cousins will be gathering.
I have yet to meet one of us who I have not been related to us dozens of ways. Most are over 100 ways.
Your Cousin, Paul LeBlanc, la Louisiane
“Come pass a good time Cher”


This article should have run next to the one Dick recently wrote about junk trees. I was excited about this when it originally came about but then it quickly drifted from genealogy to the 6 degrees of Kevin Bacon. When I said something about it one of AJ’s lieutenants publicly replied “making the genealogical connections is too hard”.

The last time I looked the stunt journalist only had a few hundred (legitimate) people in his family tree. If you use the genealogical definition of “cousin” the claims he makes like; “George Bush is my cousin” are a lie. There is a reason his scam was quickly changed from “World’s Largest Family Reunion” to “Global Family Reunion”. When you claim a world’s record there are standards to be met.

Its unfortunate that some rather prominent people in the genealogical community view this as “any publicity is good publicity” because A “I’ll do anything for a buck” J is the embodiment of everything that should be kept out of good genealogy.


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