Buy a Dell Chromebook for $129.99

UPDATE: This sale has now ended as the available inventory was exhausted.

I have written about the advantages of Chromebooks many times.These low-cost laptops can meet the computing needs of most computer users, although these laptops are not suitable for anyone running high-end (and expensive) engineering, graphics, video editing, and similar software. However, Chromebooks are excellent systems for surfing the web, reading and writing email messages, using genealogy web sites, playing online games, and even for publishing an online genealogy newsletter. Yes, I love my latest Chromebook. It has become my primary computer when traveling.

See for my past articles about Chromebooks. If you have questions about Chromebooks, I would suggest you read my article, The Myths About Chromebooks, at

Now Dell is selling the Inspiron Chromebook 11 for $129.99.

This is for a brand-new system being sold directly by Dell, not by a third-party vendor. It is NOT refurbished like some of the past systems that have been on sale.

The Inspiron Chromebook 11 is not a “bottom of the line” cheapie system. It does have modest specifications but seems better than most other low-priced Chromebooks I have seen for sale at low prices in the past. It has an Intel Celeron N3060 Processor, 4 gigabytes of memory (other inexpensive Chromebooks usually have 2 gigabytes of memory), an 11.6″ HD 1366 x 768 display screen, and a high-speed16 gigabyte Solid State Disk (which you will probably never fill up as Chromebooks normally save all files in the cloud, not on the internal disk drive). It also includes a one-year maintenance contract and longer contracts are available for an extra charge.

I suspect this sale won’t last long because the inventory probably will be exhausted quickly. You can find the Inspiron Chromebook 11 on the Dell web site at:


Unfortunately, Dell doesn’t extend the offer to Canada, where the machine sells for Cdn. $299.99


    does it mean that it is time for you to make some friends in the US ??? lol I love my chrome book ( here in South New Jersey) would it be possible to send from a usa store,
    to you across the border ??


UK pricing equivalent of $270 – more than twice the price you have!


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