Collectionaire Launches at RootsTech 2019

I suspect there will be lots of new product announcements in the next week or more in conjunction with the RootsTech conference. Here is one announcement from Collectionaire. I saw their product at last year’s RootsTech and was impressed. However, the company obviously has been working on the product even more since then, adding more value to the app.

Here is the announcement from Collectionaire:

New web app uses cloud technology to bring a unique approach to organizing, preserving and sharing one’s “best memories”

Unlike other family archiving programs there is no need to move photos – it links users to treasured memories and collections in any cloud site

San Diego, Calif. – Feb. 8, 2019 – Collectionaire today announced the launch of its new cloud-based web app created to help organize, preserve and share a family’s most cherished photos, videos and digital keepsake memories. Unlike other photo organizing solutions, users do not move photos and videos to the Collectionaire site. Instead, the app acts as a hub, linking users to their photo and video collections stored in other cloud sites.

“Our goal was to bring a pragmatic, easy approach to making sure your best personal and family digital memories were never lost and always easily accessible,” said Stan Kinsey, CEO and founder of Collectionaire. “As consumer photo collections grow by massive numbers each year, Collectionaire brings simplicity and peace of mind to never losing one’s best memories, even as digital storage options continue to evolve.”

Collectionaire will be exhibiting at the upcoming Roots Tech 2019 Booth #1033, Salt Lake City, Utah, Feb. 27-March 2, 2019 where it will demonstrate the new product.

Collectionaire uses a family tree interface to navigate family collections. By clicking on any family member, users are taken to that person’s personal collection page to view unlimited keepsake memories. Collections can include photos, photo albums, home movies, videos, recordings, news articles, awards and the like – basically anything memorable that can be digitized for future viewings.

Just a few years ago, photo cloud sites were used primarily for backup. But users are now realizing the cloud’s many benefits, including search capabilities, easy sharing, and access on any connected platform. By building collections for family members and harnessing the power of cloud sharing, users can mark milestones and preserve memories that will now never be lost or forgotten.

Users can log in to the Collectionaire site and start building their family tree and adding collections for free at Low monthly pricing starts after 20 collections are added.

About Collectionaire

Collectionaire, a California-based technology company, provides an easy way to organize, preserve and share the best of your family’s memories. At a time when digital innovation is driving the transformation of so many industries, Collectionaire brings an innovative approach to archiving these keepsake memories. Unlike other photo organizing solutions, Collectionaire acts as a hub, linking users to their photo and video collections stored in other cloud sites.


who owns your photos after you load them on collectionaire?

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What if photos and content is not in cloud. Any way to collect and store centrally, is there another product for that. I like the concept if all docs are in cloud…


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