Proposed Bill Would Force Many Arizonians to Pay $250 to Have Their DNA Added to a Database

This proposed legislation would be great for future genealogists if they can gain access to the database (which I doubt). However, there are huge security and privacy issues involved.

Arizona Bill 1475 was introduced by Republican State Senator David Livingston and would require teachers, police officers, child day care workers, and many others to submit their DNA samples along with fingerprints to be stored in a database maintained by the Department of Public Safety.

“While the database would be prohibited from storing criminal or medical records alongside the DNA samples, it would require the samples be accompanied by the person’s name, Social Security number, date of birth and last known address,” reports Gizmodo. “The living will be required to pay [a $250 processing fee] for this invasion of their privacy, but any dead body that comes through a county medical examiner’s office would also be fair game to be entered into the database.”

The text of the proposed bill may be found at:


It gets very scary when the word “Forced,” is involved with anything Government, any Government.

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I can understand that teachers, policemen, and others in positions of authority should be upstanding persons, but “big brother” is breathing down our necks here. I fell comfortable with my ancestry and have no desire to have my DNA entered in any database.


    I agree 100% Kat, it is getting worse if things like this happen, I hope wiser heads will prevail with this one.


    Shades of good ole Adoph’s Nazis!!! and, forced to pay for this!! NO WAY!!!
    This Arizona Senator D. Livingston who is pushing this is a conservative??? Could have fooled me!


Here is another concern on privacy with DNA, the reason I will be withdrawing all of my DNA from genealogy sites, if possible. Plus, I live in Arizona.  I will be contacting my Rep to vote against this AZ bill.


David Paul Davenport February 23, 2019 at 1:45 am

What’s next will all Jews have to register and wear a yellow Star of David? Livingston should be impeached.


A bridge too far.


How many databases are you already in. I had to go through a background check 20 odd years ago to teach adult ed and various teaching related jobs in CT. That included fingerprints. I have a passport, I have been bonded (working in banks), needed various certificates and licenses in several states. You do remember computers, databases, the Internet, hacking, and more “sudden and shocking” discoveries that local, state and national governmenatal agencies and departments routinely ignore their own laws and any safegaurds in order to satisfy their “justifiable needs” to access and compile data? Making you pay for it is just one more slap in the face. But, you know, “cost of doing business” and if you want the job you have to pay for certain things. Wouldn’t want to streach the Dept. budget would you, we had to take that from the taxpayers. They promised (well, they said they wouldn’t do it but these are ususaly politicians talking) they would never do anything wrong with the information. It’s just it’s so hard to see into the future and discover what excelent reason will arise so they are compelled (for “the children”, general welfare, public safety, public health, new income stream for the -town, city, county, state, national- treasurey dept.) to do something which “must” be done for all the ususal and important reasons which could not have been contemplated 5 minutes ago when they made the promise. Cynical. Very. If there is a way to twist it to a government or private use, it will be found and justified as needed. If you object, well……your not only a bad and uncareing person, you are an impedimente to progress (and somebody’s power and growth of wealth) and must be suitabley punished for being – – insert lable here — and be publicly shamed/humiliated/fined, imprisoned, lose you job,have your life ruined etc.
Welcome back to the real world.


    FTDNA is already “shaming” long-time customers who object to the company’s new policy allowing law enforcement to use the FTDNA matching service for familial searches for forensic purposes without having first obtained a valid court order, subpoena, or search warrant, by implying in its press releases and correspondence with customers that everyone who objects to the company’s new open door policy wants murderers and rapists to walk free, when all the customer’s are asking for is the same kind of protection granted by law to people whose DNA is stored in law enforcement’s own CODIS database because they’ve already been convicted of criminal behavior.



Sen. David Livingston, R-Peoria, the bill sponsor, has introduced an amendment to Senate Bill 1475 that would require DNA only from professionals who care for patients with intellectual disabilities in an intermediate care facility.


Police officers, teachers and child-care workers are generally honest and law-abiding citizens. What about getting the DNA from politicians (both parties), high-profile sports figures (including coaches), celebrities, and priests? That might be more useful. Many things that politicians are proposing lately just make me shake my head…some of them are obviously out of touch.


    Every choice has consequences. That people who have committed crimes are being caught and punished through the use of private (and shared) DNA testing is a good thing. That their relatives, even distant ones, are “tainted” by their criminal actions is going to happen anyway when [if] they are caught. That present politicians will make illegal or questionalble use of DNA data is almost a given. Same with people making bad laws in the future and use them in ways we do not approve of is also a given. Its the old “his lips are moving-he’s lying” routine. FTDNA is at least stating it’s policy and giving people a path to opt-out. That comes at the cost of less free research and exchange of information. It’s always a choice and none of the choices have to be good ones for everybody. Look at the new privacy laws in the EU. Tell me that NONE of the governments/agencies/companies/private individuals involved in that are every going to to abuse their powers of access. See, “great” and compassionate idea to “protect” the right to be forgotten (of things you are ashamed of or perhaps just don’t want found out for so many reasons). Right up to the point where someone decides they (as a person or government agent in power) need to know about you. You have a right- but the greater good (select current favorite sound byte)- demands otherwise. I want to find out about my ancestry and genetics, not hunt grandchildren of Nazis or Faciests, or Amish or 14th century aristocrats who opressed somebody or even people who like ketchup on their eggs.


Celine (see above) has the right idea. The bill should be amended to require all Arizona legislators, including Senator Livingston, to pay the fee to have their DNA entered into the database! I suspect the bill may not become law


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