Book Review: The Asylum by Nathan Dylan Goodwin

The following book review was written by Bobbi King:

The Asylum
By Nathan Dylan Goodwin. Self-published. 2019. 56 pages.

Mr. Goodwin is a familiar name among readers of genealogy fiction of the mystery-detective type. He has written several books recounting the trials and tribulations of the intrepid genealogy sleuth Morton Farrier.

A note for those attending RootsTech this week: Mr. Goodwin will be at his booth in the Exhibit Hall talking to his readers and signing books.

Mr. Goodwin won’t be signing this book. It’s a downloadable e-book, and it’s free if you download it from his website. It feels like both a reward for being a faithful Farrier fan, and an introductory gift for a new audience of readers.

The Asylum is a prequel to The Hiding Place.

Farrier meets up with a client who is deeply unhappy with the genealogical study Farrier has submitted on the client’s family. Farrier’s discovery of a marriage has stirred up a commotion of feelings whose direct target is the genealogist as he bears the client’s angry sarcasm.

Determined to renew his efforts to right the accused wrongs, Farrier restarts his investigation. More research turns up unexpected turns and twists that surprise Farrier and abruptly call for deeper scrutiny of a family where secrets have been hidden for a long time.

We gain a glimpse into Farrier’s private life when he accepts a dinner invitation from the (secretly-admired) local librarian (who else?). Their romance offers a warm take on Farrier as he takes leave of documents and records and takes time to explore the less easy world of awkward conversation and nervous looks. Surprisingly, Farrier finds a comrade in curiosity as she persuades him to follow her into the night and inside the dark, abandoned asylum. Matters proceed from there.

The pleasure of an e-book is its quick availability on a mobile device. Whether you’re smushed down into an airplane seat, sitting waiting in a doctor’s office, or riding the bus to and from work, The Asylum was help pass the time in a most enjoyable and agreeable way.

The Asylum by Nathan Dylan Goodwin may be downloaded free of charge from the author’s web site at:


Hiding the Past, not The Hiding Place


Once you start reading the books by Nathan Dylan Goodwin you want more.


I just discovered this author and these books and I’m LOVING them!! I wish my local library carried them. eBooks are nice in that you don’t have to store them, but library books are better because you don’t have to buy them. :o)


Have read all his books in order and love them all! Other authors with genealogy stories that I love also are John Nixon, Steve Robinson and MJ Lee plus even a few more. The Marriage Certificate by Stephen Molyneux and The Gaelic Letters by R. Thomas Roe
are favorites also!


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