How the 2020 Census Bureau Will Invite Everyone to Respond

Future genealogists will want to read about you in the 2020 U.S. Census. After all, don’t we appreciate looking at our ancestors’ records in previous censuses? The least you can do is to make sure similar data is available to your descendants.

A new page from the U.S. Census Bureau provides suggestions. You can see it at:


I worked the 2010 census. An interesting experience! Hope all goes well. However, if you are tasked to go face to face to gather data, remember the Boy Scout motto “Be Prepared”.


I just had a cousin who lives in Las Vegas ask about it. You had gotten the questionnaire recently but had not filled it out yet. A woman came to her door asking about it and told her if she refused to complete the form she would be fined. Told her I had never heard anything about a fine for not completing the form.


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