My Helicopter Trip to the Grand Canyon

NOTE: This article is definitely off-topic. That is, it isn’t related to genealogy. If you are looking for genealogy articles, you might want to skip this one. However, I suspect a few people will be interested in my photos of today’s trip.

After the recent RootsTech conference, I decide to fly to Las Vegas for a few days’ rest and relaxation. While I never gamble in the casinos, I do enjoy many other activities in Las Vegas: shows, restaurants, people watching, and other entertainment. While in the city, I decided to take a helicopter tour of the Grand Canyon.

The helicopter company picked me up at my hotel in a black stretch limo and whisked me to McCarran International Airport. Instead of going to the airline terminal, we were dropped off on the other side of the airport where the helicopter services are found. After a briefing, four other visitors and I climbed into a helicopter with our pilot, Alex.

After a half-hour ride over the Hoover Dam, Lake Mead, and some very rugged mountains, we arrived at the rim of the Grand Canyon. We flew along the rim for a bit, then descended into the Canyon, landing beside the Colorado River. That was followed by a boat ride on the river. We then returned to the helicopters’ landing place. We jumped into a different helicopter for a short “taxi ride” back to the rim. We then landed and proceeded by bus and by some walking to several other tourist attractions along the rim, most of them with spectacular lookouts up and down the canyon.

Finally, pilot Alex returned and took his five passengers back to Las Vegas.

You can see some of my pictures at:

One warning: the pictures are in no particular order. Some of them are still pictures while others are videos. Click on any picture or video to see the full sized image.


Always loved the area.


Absolutely wonderful pics, Dick. Having been there myself, you no doubt will agree that pics do not do justice to the Grand Canyon – it’s much more awesome in person. The pics do not seem to pick up all the vibrant color!


We did something very similar but we took the bus from Vegas to the Grand Canyon West where the glass overlook is. Did the helicopter down into the canyon and had lunch in hte old down. Was a great day. The glass overlook is 70 feet over the canyon and 2000 feet above. I now want to visit the South Rim and am looking at taking the train from Williams AZ. The other place in that area, that I really enjoyed is Bryce Canyon which is beyond Zion. Both of these are closer to the north rim. All in beautiful country. Thanks for sharing.


It is a beautiful place. Thank you for sharing.


Loved the pix. It’s ok to put genealogy to the side now and then – for a short time – especially to enjoy some of our country’s natural wonders. Thx for sharing.


Wonderful place and pics!! Thanks for sharing.


Nothing like hiking down to the river from a rim – in my younger days. Coming back up is demanding but the whole thing is well worth the effort. Went down via Kaibab and back up by Bright Angel trails because Bright Angel had extra water along the way which was much appreciated.


Thank you for sharing your pictures. I enjoyed them very much.


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