MuckRock Provides a State-By-State Look at Your Public Records Laws

These are laws that strongly affect genealogists. Many states are locking up public domain birth, marriage, and death records under the bogus claim of “preventing identity theft.” What’s the odds that an identity thief wants to use the personal information of my grandmother who died more than 60 years ago? Does anyone believe a thief can obtain a loan or a credit card in her name?

In any case, MuckRock tracks the laws of 50 states plus Washington D.C., all with different statutes, exemptions, and limitations that dictate what you can get from your state and local agencies. With the rules of access differing across the board, MuckRock provides an easy way to keep track of them all through our interactive database showcasing the best, the worst, and the confusing parts of state records law.

MuckRock is available at:


This is a joke of a site! Only Massaschusetts information displayed and I can’t get into any OTHER states! I see Utah listed with 73 red and Oregon with 118 red. Map is not clickable at all.


Apparently you have to click on MuckRock place page ( highlighted in blue). Then the same map appears but each state opens up when you click on it


Very helpful site! Thanks, Dick.


It took me a while on that poorly-designed website, but here’s the page where you can choose from the list of states:


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