MyHeritage Eurovision Bus heads to London

Attention European readers of this newsletter: You might want to attend the party on board the MyHeritage Eurovision Bus! According to an article in TVToday:


Fans are getting ready for Eurovision 2019, while music lovers spend the night in the pub.

MyHeritage’s Eurovision Bus has begun its tour of Europe, attending major pre-parties, hosting celebs and give Eurovision fans chances to win Eurovision tickets. The bus began its journey on April 6th in Amsterdam heading yesterday to Hamburg. It will be spending today in Copenhagen, however Brits wanting to get on board will need to head to London on April 14th.

MyHeritage a family history and DNA testing website is this year’s Presenting Partner of the Eurovision Song Contest, not that anyone in the UK would know this due to the song for Europe contest airing on ad-free BBC. While there may be no mention of the bus on the beeb it doesn’t mean UK viewers will miss out on the bus which will, the operator say, ‘bring all the colour and fun of the famous global singing competition to destinations across Europe.’

The bus, fully equipped to let all comers sing their hearts out to Eurovision classics, will visit pre-parties, host celebrities and events, and spread magic from London to Lisbon. There will also be chances to win exclusive, high-value prizes, including tickets to this year’s Eurovision Song Contest.

Celebrities and acts featuring in the London leg of the tour include Anna Bergendahl, Bilal Hassani, Carousel, Duncan Laurence, Eliot Vassamillet, Eye Cue, Darude, Holly Tandy, KEiiNO, Lake Malawi, John Lundvik, Jurij Veklenko, Magdalena Tul, Mahmood, Leonora, Miki, PAENDA, Michael Rice, SuRie, Tulia, Sarah McTernan and Victor Crone.

Before the bus arrives in Blighty it will be found partying in Oslo on the 9th of April, Stockholm on the 10th, Berlin on the 11th, Cologne on the 12th and Paris on the 13th. Following its London date on the 14th it heads to Geneva on the 16th of April, Barcelona on the 17th, Madrid on the 19th and 20th and ends its tour on the 21st in Lisbon.

“MyHeritage makes it effortless for anyone to discover their family history and embark upon a journey into their past. Our karaoke bus represents the same thinking, bringing all of the atmosphere of the Eurovision Song Contest to fans with ease, while letting them journey into their own past by seeing their favourite former Eurovision Song Contest contestants” – Aviram Levi, CMO, MyHeritage

You can learn more in the MyHeritage Blog at:

One Comment

That’s quite enough to put me off MyHeritage. If they can’t spell Blighty with a capital B I hope they won’t be allowed to cross the English Channel.


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