Facebook Launches New Tool to Help Users Memorialize Loved Ones

This may be a new method of memorializing your deceased ancestors and other family members. Facebook has launched a new tool to help users memorialize loved ones.

Facebook on Tuesday announced changes to how it handles the profiles of users who have died, including using artificial intelligence to help keep the profiles of deceased people from showing up in places that might cause distress.

Facebook is also creating a separate section on profiles of the deceased that will be dedicated to tributes. By clicking on different tabs, users will be able to switch between the deceased person’s preserved, original timeline and a second feed where others have left memories, photos or other posts in remembrance.

More than 30 million people already view memorialized profiles every month, the company says.

You can read more in an article by Michael Cappetta and David Ingram in the NBCNews web site at: https://nbcnews.to/2G2tmZD.


I can see it now. Dad dies. A week later the creeps see it on Facebook and start calling mom offering services to help (insurance, retirement homes, grief counseling, etc.). Pardon the cynic in me but this doesn’t sound like a great idea.


Facebook, I think, has just come up with their own solution on how to handle the timelines of the deceased. Anyone can put their last wishes in a will, including who will have control of their social media sites. In lieu of this, why doesn’t Facebook REQUIRE it’s members to fill out a form stating what they want done with their information…memorialize, delete, make private, etc. If Facebook is made aware of their demise, they can act on the person’s wishes. That way, people can make their own decisions about what happens to their information.


I was able to memorialize my late wife’s page back in 2011 but it was not easy. Now no one has control over it, including me. Her timeline won’t show if someone searches for her name and the only people who can see it are people who were friends with her already. Facebook has some work to do with this – millions of users die each year. Hopefully they will come up with a way for an authorized user, like me, to turn her timeline into a memorial page rather than just a stale timeline.

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This is not a good idea. We genealogists should stick to the main genealogy sites, i.e. Family Search, My Heritage, and Ancestry or self publishing where our information is correct for future researchers. My son-in-law will know what to do with my websites when I’m gone.

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What;s next… KIOSK GRAVE MARKERS so visitors can scroll through your entire life?!?! Hey… that might actually be a cool idea!


Facebook is a “Genealogy” site regardless of what we think of it or it’s policies. A person’s FB page typically contains all sorts of good information – it puts meat on the bones of a persons life. I think it’s progress in the right direction.



    It’s not the “true” genealogists we worry about. It’s those who would misuse it. Besides, I’d be hard pressed to find what I’m looking for. And I’d feel obligated to tell those I took info from how I was using it. Reliability would be another concern.


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