Book Review: Grow Your Own Family Tree

The following book review was written by Bobbi King:

Grow Your Own Family Tree
by Pauline Golds. Published by Emerald Publishing. 2018. 163 pages.

This is the second edition of Ms. Golds’ book. In her first edition, she focused on research in the British Isles, but in this follow-up edition, she expands her instruction to the United States, Canada, the Caribbean, and Europe.

So contrary to most of the books I receive to review, this one is not U.S.-centric. Its emphasis is on British research.

I would call this a beginner’s guidebook. It’s not long, so the reader won’t become overwhelmed with the task ahead, but Ms. Golds offers words of encouragement that help the apprentice genealogist get going along with hope and expectation that carried us all through our own dark days and nights.

Ms. Golds covers the requisite topics of birth, marriage, and death records, and offers an overview of the British censuses.

Then she covers the historical perspective of British life. She examines the class system and occupations of early English society, the British military, crime in the Victorian era, the poor laws and the workhouse, death and disease, and education and apprenticeships.

Ms. Golds offers brief overviews of American research, Scotland and Ireland, Canadian research, and Caribbean research.

This is a good book for a Brit asking the question: What would it take to discover my family tree?
Ms. Golds provides the answers. Her advice is sound and leaves the reader with a sense of intrigue and possibility.

Grow Your Own Family Tree by Pauline Golds is available from the author’s web site at as well as from Amazon at:

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