Perkasie, Pennsylvania Historic Newspapers are now Available Online

The Bucks County Historical Society has announced the Perkasie Historical Society has completed work to preserve and digitize Perkasie’s Central News newspapers from 1881 to 1943, as well as News-Herald newspapers from 1943 to 2000. The project makes these two newspapers available online for researchers and scholars worldwide.

These fragile papers, which were stored at the Sellersville Museum (1881 to 1943) and the Bucks County Historical Society (1943 to 2000), were rapidly deteriorating, and in time, their content would have been lost to the community. Because of the Perkasie Historical Society’s efforts, local historians and genealogists are able to access reference sources online through

Details may be found in an article in the News-Herald web site at:


I am often frustrated by the continuing trend of libraries and societies”contracting” with pay sites to digitize their historical newspapers. Yes it reduces the need for grants to get the work done and made available to readers across the country.
And yes the job gets done. And saves the originals from decaying further and being the only source. That’s good.
Vermont just did it and Kansas has done it, but in Kansas’ case they put a time limit on the a availability only via a subscription – a decent compromise. Wisconsin and Indiana are not behind a paywall like VT and some of KS, yet they require residence in the state.
More and more online newspaper researchers don’t live in the “source” area. So is the library’s user base just the local area? By and large of course it is but when it comes to online historical newspapers, it’s a different story.
As you may know, I maintain a list of links to free online historical newspapers. My list currently contains 27,000 US titles and 3,000 from Canada. About 98 per cent are available for free from anywhere. But I continually get questions from readers who complain about the other 2 per cent that are available only locally in the library.
There isn’t a good solution to the problem, but like everything else in our genealogy world, it costs money to make paper documents digital and it costs money to have the technology infrastructure to deliver that digital information.
With the financial pressures that libraries face daily, my fear is the pay site digitization and delivery option will increase in the future. Unfortunately libraries and archives have become lower and lower on the government funding priority list.

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    Not all of Vermont newspapers are on subscription sites. The University of Vermont digitized many up into the early 20th C for ChroniclingAmerica. Altough the Burlington Free Press is on, the last time I accessed through the Free Press Archives Portal it was free.
    Hope this helps!


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