The Great Migration Parish Web Mapping App is now Online

The New England Historic Genealogical Society has just released has just released a valuable tool for anyone with English ancestors who emigrated during the Great Migration of immigrants to New England from 1620 to 1640.

I’m already enthused about this new online site because, within two minutes of my first visit, I found the village of origin of one of my ancestors who left England in 1637 and moved to Massachusetts. After two minutes on the new Great Migration Parish Web Mapping site, I not only found where he came from but also his home village’s location was displayed on the map!

This new web mapping app shows you the last-known parish for all 1,795 emigrants whose origin is confirmed, about a third of the nearly 5,700 emigrants who left England (and a few other places) for New England between 1620 and 1640. The emigrant information is based on The Great Migration Directory by Robert Charles Anderson, FASG. He is the Director of The Great Migration Study Project at the New England Historic Genealogical Society and the author of many publications, including The Great Migration Directory, the source of the emigrant information.

The web mapping app gives you a map view of parishes and a list view of emigrants. The app opens in map view, and includes a set of options and tools for the map and access to the list view. Access to the Great Migration Parish Web Mapping App is available to everyone free of charge.

Check it out at:


Exciting news!


I am not English, but this is so cool!!


Checked for my Ingalls ancestor and they have the wrong name. They say Edward, and it was Edmund Ingalls.. They say he came in 1638, and it was 1628. This per Burleigh’s 1903 “Ingalls Genealogy”. That is not the exact title… There are other sources that agree with Burleigh.


    To Jay Ingalls: Was your Edmund Ingalls related to my Faith Ingalls. Faith married Andrew Allin. Their daughter Mary, married my Roger Toothaker. Maybe we’re related. Joy


Very cool!


Hi, do you know if the same as above has been done for people who went to Australia please


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