Prediction: The Dead Will Take Over Facebook in the Next 50 Years

An interesting article by Charlie Osborne in the ZDNet web site says that “Analysis suggests that the deceased will soon outnumber the living on the network.”

“An analysis of Facebook user levels in 2018 was conducted, in which the research team estimate at least 1.4 billion current users will die before 2100. Based on this estimate, memorial accounts could outstrip active ones by 2070.

“However, if you take Facebook’s potential expansion rates into account, the Oxford team says that the number of deceased users could be as high as 4.9 billion by 2100.”

Obviously, that assumes there is no change in Facebook’s current business practices and the company continues to function in the same manner it has in the past few years, all of which is doubtful.

You can read Charlie Osborne’s article and watch a video at:


First it’s absurd to think FB will still be here in 50 years. They’ve been losing a staggering amount of users for several years running and it’s unlikely that will reverse itself.

Second FB’s search function is miserable. It’s easy to lose something a FB friend posted yesterday. Finding something a dead person posted a year ago isn’t going to happen.


I have a friend who died 5 years ago and is still on Facebook. People who don’t know that she died still post Happy Birthday messages to her!!!

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