A Genealogy Cartoon about Queen Victoria and Her Relatives

A rather cute cartoon is actually an animated romp through a tale of ancestral inconsequence! It is from the album Queen Victoria.

You can view it on YouTube at: https://youtu.be/G7bFs56grzc or in the video player below:

My thanks to newsletter reader Gary Barton for telling me about this cartoon.


Loved it. thank you.


That was so cute and well done!


Don’t get it – not captioned.


It’s wonderful, but if you listen carefully, it’s really NOT about Queen Victoria’s descendants. The singer is remembering her childhood visits to the country cottage of her great-aunts. A portrait on the wall, of a ferocious-looking ancestor (“the greatest, great-great-aunt of all”), resembled Victoria, so, to the child-singer’s imagination, she really was the Queen.


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