Announcing a Genealogy Cruise to Bermuda and to Newport, Rhode Island in 2020 with Cruise Everything

It’s time to start planning next year’s vacation!

Yes, even as the northern hemisphere is just entering the major vacation time of this year, it is a great idea to start planning next year’s vacation, especially if you want to take a cruise. Cruises often require advance planning in order to get the cabin, the dates, and the other amenities you want. Luckily, next year you can combine a great cruise and a genealogy conference all in one. You may want to enter July 19 through 26, 2020 in your calendar now. Yes, that’s 7 days of sightseeing, learning, great food, entertainment, sunbathing, and a cruise ship’s spa!

Why take a genealogy cruise? See my earlier article, Genealogy Cruises versus Convention Centers, at for many of the answers.

Click on the above image or click here to view a larger brochure.

In that article, I compared genealogy cruises with land-based genealogy conferences. I wrote:

“Of course, one major advantage of a genealogy cruise versus a normal conference is the venue: instead of sitting on hard chairs and staring at the inside of a conference center’s meeting rooms all day, cruisers get to see exotic ports of call and sit in luxurious meeting rooms. The seat cushions are definitely better on cruise ships!”

I also pointed out that the food on a cruise ship is always much, much better than what you can find in most land-based conference centers! Also, “Needless to say, spouses and other family members who are not interested in genealogy generally prefer a cruise ship to a genealogy conference held downtown in some city.”

CruiseEverything is planning a 2020 expedition departing Cape Liberty, New Jersey (in the New York City metropolitan area) with a stop in Newport, Rhode Island, and then on to Bermuda. Unlike most genealogy cruises, there will be more time at sea than in most past cruises, meaning there will be more time for genealogy presentations.

Past cruises from Cruise Everything have always been enjoyable. Just ask anyone who was on board on one of the previous Cruise Everything cruises! Also, see my past articles at to learn more about previous genealogy cruises by Cruise Everything.

The presenters on the 2020 cruise to Bermuda will include Diana Smith, Ann Staley, CG®, CGLTM, and myself. We are preparing presentations on a wide variety of genealogy topics. I am really looking forward to this cruise!

The cruise will be on board Celebrity Cruises, one of my favorite cruise lines.

For more information, take a look at the cruise web site at although that site is still under construction. The webmaster has promised the site will be completed by this weekend. If that web site doesn’t yet answer your questions, or for more information, call Herb Tinley of Cruise Everything at (800) 959-SHIP or at (239) 275-1717. Herb is managing the 2020 genealogy cruise and is prepared to answer any and all questions.

Will I see you on board?

One Comment

Hi Dick. I know you will truly enjoy your cruise as well as Bermuda. I’m unable to join you, but hope all goes well. Bermuda is my birthplace. Enjoy.


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