Genealogical Forum of Oregon Challenges Other Societies to Help Rebuild the Paradise Genealogical Society’s Library

The following is an announcement from the Genealogical Forum of Oregon:

GFO Challenge: Let’s Help the Burned Genealogy Library in Paradise, California

Our hearts go out to the Paradise Genealogical Society whose library burned to the ground during California wildfires last year. They’ve found a new location to rent and have decided to rebuild their collection from scratch.

The Genealogical Forum of Oregon is in a good position to help. Here’s what we’re doing:

We have many surplus books which we sell to generate income. From these we have selected more than 550 excellent resources that we’re donating.

Plus, we’re giving them brand new copies of all of the GFO’s 55 publications which we print.

We’d like to challenge all the other genealogical societies on the west coast: If you’re in a similar position to be able to help, we urge you to do the same.

Vince Patton, President
Laurel Smith, Library Chair

Genealogical Forum of Oregon


Dave Schlichting May 9, 2019 at 9:03 am

A terrific contribution in the sharing manner of genealogists everywhere. Congratulations on such a noble idea.


Kathy Knickmeyer May 9, 2019 at 2:01 pm

If you are interested in helping Paradise Genealogical Society:
The annual fundraiser spaghetti dinner will this year be a “non-spaghetti fund raiser”. We do not have the resources to try the dinner this year. So instead, we are soliciting donations to our fund raiser instead. We would certainly appreciate having a donation made to the Paradise Genealogical Society
% Non-spaghetti fund raiser
P.O. Box 460
Paradise, CA 95967.
Any amount would be appreciated.


Geez, maybe we could all send them a little donation to try to help them get back on track.


I have books, quarterlies and others books, our society has removed. Do not understand why but maybe they could use them??? Not everything is on the internet.
Susi Pentico,
Cousin lives there and recently learned a cousin of MOMS lost their home there and we lost lots of HOFFMAN photos and documents. The LIttle’s of Chico and Paradise.


    Susi: I am a member of the Paradise Genealogical Society living in Chico and am working to coordinate donation of materials. We would love to have your books and other materials. Please feel free to email me directly. Thanks so much, Kathy


Dick, do you have any photos from the recent NGS conference you attended in Missouri that you can post?


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