Book Review: Finding Family

The following book review was written by Bobbi King:

Finding Family
My Search for Roots and the Secrets of My DNA
By Richard Hill. Published by Familius LLC. 2017. 290 pages.

In 1964, Richard Hill, recently graduated from high school and preparing to go to college, stood in his doctor’s office exiting an examination when he heard the doctor’s casual question, How do you feel about being adopted?

A better question might have been, How do you feel about hearing for the first time ever in your entire young life, that you are not the child of your parents?

So heralded the beginning of Mr. Hill’s search for his biological mother and father using conventional genealogical methods, and later DNA, to eliminate and confirm the possibilities as candidates for his biological parentage emerged among old stories told decades later from characters out of the past Mr. Hill was digging up.

Over the course of many years, intermittent with building his career and entering into marriage and raising a family, the search took him into towns and counties across Michigan where false leads, promising leads, and with a professional researcher providing guidance, Mr. Hill tenaciously worked through the highs and lows of the emotional roller coaster as he turned the pages of documents, listened to the theories of people he found from his parents’ past, then finally turning to DNA as the technology emerged from its early stages of public use to the finer points of revealing clues to the identifications of family members.

Mr. Hill has the rare talent of telling his family research and story interestingly enough to keep the reader engaged. He covers many years of searching, but moves the story along nicely.

Mr. Hill offers his story from the perspective of an adoptee. It’s a different way to tell the age-old story of wondering about your ancestors, and it’s interesting to read about his feelings about his biological roots, the parents who raised him, and the wonderings of why the events of his life happened.

A very satisfying read.

Finding Family – My Search for Roots and the Secrets of My DNA by Richard Hill is available from the publisher, Familius LLC, at as well as from Amazon in paperback, audio books, and Kindle editions at:


Is this an updated book? My library has a 2012 version.


If your local library participates with Hoopla, it is available there to borrow in audio book format.


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