Cool Location Explorer on Google Maps – a Tool for GeoGeeks

Randy Majors is well known for the software tools he creates for genealogists. He adds additional tools to Google Maps that were not invented by Google. Start at to find the earlier articles in this newsletter that describe some of Randy’s inventions.

Randy now has created a new tool that is a bit off-topic for genealogy. However, it undoubtedly will be very useful for many people, genealogists and non-genealogists alike. It’s kind of a location “drill-down” that shows a bunch of different topics (see the image below).

You can find Randy Majors’ new Location Explorer on Google Maps at:

You can also read Randy’s blog post about it at:

One Comment

Thanks Dick! For convenience, here is a list of the “topics” that the maps cover for any –US place or address:
-City Limits
-County Lines
-State Lines
-ZIP Code Boundaries
-Area Code Boundaries
-US Congressional District Boundaries
-Latitude and Longitude (by request, I’ve also added Township and Range to this map window, where applicable)
-Watershed (also known as Drainage Basin)
-Closest National Park or National Forest, including boundaries
-Slope (the steepness of the land)
-Aspect (the compass direction the land slopes down in)

Be sure and read the usage tips and coverage notes below the map for more info.


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