Airbnb Partners With 23andMe to Make It Easier for People to Get In Touch With Their Roots

I am not sure I understand the logic of this. Perhaps Airbnb wants to promote genealogy research trips under the assumption that many of those traveling will stay in Airbnb-advertised guest facilities and also might have their DNA tested by 23andMe.

In any case, Airbnb and DNA-testing company 23andMe announced on Tuesday the two companies have partnered to help people “connect with their ancestry” through a heritage travel program.

An announcement by Jennings Brown on the Gizmodo web site cautions:

“And people should think about what they’re doing before they take a DNA test in the first place. As more information comes out about the ways that some DNA testing companies share data with law enforcement agencies, a genetic company joining forces with another startup raises concerns about how third-parties could use that genetic data.”

You can read the full story at:


I’m so tired of these boogeyman warnings. Anyone, law enforcement or not, can submit a DNA sample to any company. It may be unethical, but it isn’t unlawful. If you don’t want your DNA shared, then don’t test!


My understanding is the law enforcement partnered with Gedmatch to compare DNA. So if you give your DNA results to Gedmatch the law enforcement can use it. My conscience is clear.


    —> So if you give your DNA results to Gedmatch the law enforcement can use it.

    That was true until this week. However, on Monday GEDmatch changed the rules, as described in the above article. Now law enforcement can only legally use a person’s GEDmatch data if the person who uploaded the DNA information gave explicit permission for that use.


Not sure either, but took my own month long heritage tour of Italy 3 years ago with hubby and daughter. We Airbnb the whole way, it was cheaper than hotels and greatly added to experience… wonder if ancestry turned them down first?


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