Book Review: Women Patriots in the American Revolution

The following book review was written by Bobbi King:

Women Patriots in the American Revolution
By Jack Darrell Crowder. Genealogical Publ. Co. 2018. 102 pages.

The participation of women in the Revolutionary War has been historically ignored. Volumes have been written about the militiamen, the military leaders, the regimental soldiers, and the everyday ordinary men who operated the inns, the boarding houses, and the village businesses that served the patriot cause.

Mr. Crowder has put together a book with biographical sketches of eighty-eight women who defied the British authorities, providing aid to the partisan Americans in one way or another.

One example: Mary Murry:

After the Battle of Brooklyn in August of 1776, General Washington’s troops began to retreat. In September of the same year British General William Howe landed troops in Kip’s Bay in order to trap the retreating Americans.

Mary Murry, a patriot, realized the Americans were within a mile from her home on Long Island, and that the British had twice the number of soldiers. If the British were not stopped, the Americans would be trapped and captured. As the British troops approached Mary’s home, she asked the officers if they would like to stop and have cake and wine.

The British officers agreed, and Mary fed them while her daughters entertained them…By the time the meal was completed, the Americans had withdrawn to safety.

The author uses encyclopedias, biographies, histories, lineage books, and various published sources as his references.

This is an interesting set of stories that gives credit to the other fraction of the population who performed heroic deeds during the American war of independence that have gone unnoticed for too long.

Women Patriots in the American Revolution by Jack Darrell Crowder is available from the publisher, Genealogical Publishing Company, at as well as from Amazon at

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