Irish island of Arranmore is Looking for New Residents from the United States and Australia

Here is an opportunity to study your Irish ancestry: move to Ireland.

Actually, you would have to move to Arranmore, a tiny island 5 kilometers off the coast of County Donegal, Ireland. The island is twinned with Beaver Island in Lake Michigan. In the 1800s, families evicted from Arranmore relocated to Beaver Island and most of the residents who live on Beaver Island today can trace their roots back to Arranmore.

While Arranmore is a tiny place, it boasts very high-speed Internet access, enough musicians and good Irish whiskey to keep a party going well into the night, the best diving in Ireland on your doorstep, seafood to rival the tastiest New England chowder, and a daily commute that will never exceed five minutes. It sounds dreamy.

The population of Arranmore has dropped to just 469 people and the the island’s leaders recently wrote open letters to the people of the United States and Australia, urging them to relocate there.

You can read more in an article by Harry Brent in the Irish Post at:


David Paul Davenport June 14, 2019 at 1:19 am

Before the Irish arrived Beaver Island was a refuge for one of the various sects of Mormons that sprang up after the murder of Joseph Smith.


And then there is the weather….Oh,my!


I’m wondering why an invitation has been extended to Australian and USA citizens only. From a marketing perspective it would have been better to extend the invitation to entrepreneurially inspired individuals looking for a remote peaceful friendly place to relocate😀
Inviting American’s and Australians is rather narrow visioned. Particularly when a Canadian (that’s me) reads about the invitation. 😀Now how many single people can you profile from your Island? I suggest setting up a singles on Arranmore Island Ireland looking for love Facebook page❤️ You must have some singles there😀Hope my recommendations are accepted in the spirit of friendly ideas from across the ocean. PS I’m a single 59 year old widow who has ancestors on my fathers side from Ireland 👍


My maternal grandmother’s family is from Arranmore and Beaver Island. I don’t know if I would relocate there, but it’s at the top of my list of places I want to visit.


Maybe they thought us Americans want to defect due to our current administration? It’s a serious thought!


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