Has Been Shut Down

KinCrawler was a web crawler/search engine that worked in a similar method as Google but with one major difference: KinCrawler was constantly crawling the web looking for any pages that pertain solely to genealogy. (I described KinCrawler’s operation earlier this year at: Sadly, the web site has now been taken offline.

Anthony Marshall, the owner and creator of wrote:

“Hi everyone,

“Just wanted to say that is closing down. I gave it a good try but had too many problems with the software and the monthly cost of the server was just too much for me to cover.

“I really do appreciate all of you who visited and liked the site.

“And you never know – you may see me again in the future with a new and better site 🙂

“Anthony Marshall”


Same thing happened with MooseRoots. This idea is so simple and so important — when will a company like MyHeritage offer it as a membership benefit? People would pay for this.


I really do appreciate everyone who visited and liked the site and I appreciate the kind words Mr. Eastman.

To have a site like that you pretty much have to have a dedicated server (or two) with a lot of power and that costs quite a bit of money every month. I simply could not afford to do this on my own – even with a small amount of revenue I was getting from advertisements. Also, the software I was using had a lot more issues than I originally thought. If anyone wants to give this a try the software is open source and called “Yioop”. Located at

I still think something like this would be a good resource for the genealogy community but it will take a group of people with some financial backing to keep something like this going.

Anyway, thanks to everyone that visited and all the kind words

Anthony Marshall


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