GRAMPS and Other Genealogy Programs in the Cloud

GRAMPS (an abbreviation for “Genealogy Research and Analysis Management Programming System”) was originally developed as a rather full-featured Linux genealogy program and later was ported to Macintosh, Windows, BSD UNIX and Solaris. GRAMPS is always available free of charge. (You can find my previous articles about GRAMPS by starting at

GRAMPS also has been available as a cloud-based program for some time. In theory, you should be able to use the cloud-based version of GRAMPS with any Android, Apple iOS (specifically iPad), Chromebook, Windows, Macintosh, or Linux computer. Since it runs from the cloud, no software installation in your computing device is required. Best of all, GRAMPS is available FREE of charge.

I wrote about the cloud version of GRAMPS some time ago at The subject of finding full-featured genealogy programs in the cloud arose again this week so I thought I would mention the earlier article again. You can read my original article at although I will say that the cloud version has matured a bit since I wrote that article nearly 3 years ago.

You can find dozens of other genealogy apps in the Apple iPhone and iPod App store as well as in the Android Play Store. However, most of these apps are not nearly as powerful as GRAMPS.

In addition, if GRAMPS doesn’t meet your needs, you might investigate the The Next Generation of Genealogy Sitebuilding© (“TNG”) at and webtrees (aways spelled with all lower-case letters) at

Both The Next Generation of Genealogy Sitebuilding (“TNG”) and webtrees are MULTI-USER genealogy services that can be installed in a web server that you own or rent. You could have dozens or even hundreds of cousins or other genealogists using the program simultaneously!

Installing and configuring either The Next Generation of Genealogy Sitebuilding or webtrees is a somewhat more complicated than the many smaller and less-powerful Android and Apple iOS apps. However, there is a less-complex solution: Rented web server space is available from several different companies for about $6 US a month or a bit more and some of those same server companies will even install the software for you.

Hosting information for users of The Next Generation of Genealogy Sitebuilding© (“TNG”) may be found near the bottom of

If you prefer a host that specializes in webtrees, the following page lists some suppliers able to provide one for you:


I could find no mention of using Gramps on a Chromebook on the Gramps-related wikis or in its own documentation. I’ve occasionally looked at Gramps as a possibility for moving beyond TMG in Windows, but I have never found a Gramps screen that matches or comes close to the basic TMG person screen, with a chronological listing of events, tabs, etc. Anyone else able to offer any guidance?


    —> I could find no mention of using Gramps on a Chromebook on the Gramps-related wikis or in its own documentation.

    I wrote about running GRAMPS on a Chromebook about 3 years ago in GRAMPS Can Now be used as a Cloud-Based Genealogy Program at

    The information in that article is still correct except that the program has matured a bit more since the article was published.

    One caveat: as described in the article, “If you would like to experiment with the cloud-based version of GRAMPS, go to ” but that requires use of a third-party app called rollApp. The rollApp program can be used with some restrictions free of charge, allowing you to experiment with GRAMPS to see if you like it. However, to save data in rollApp and run the many programs available under rollApp requires payment of $5.99 US a month if you pay annually or $6.99 US a month if you pay monthly. Therefore, GRAMPS remains as a free app for experimenting but to use it and to save data in the cloud requires an ongoing subscription payment to rollApp.

    The payment requirement will obviously discourage many people from using it on a Chromebook. However, I paid for rollApp because there are many, many open source programs that I use that have been ported to rollApp and the cloud. I frequently use the LibreOffice word processor, Gedit, PDF Shuffler, Calibre, and some others.


Alejandro Milberg July 15, 2019 at 11:33 am

Hi Dick, wish you had mentioned the $5.99 charge required, your article (today’s) conveys, at least to me, that the cloud version is free. Also, if you google Gramps, all I could find is the software download – you also stress “no software installation… required”. Alas, it did seem to good to be true… LOL


    The GRAMPS software is available free of charge and is available for Windows, Macintosh, and Linux. However. if you would like to run GRAMPS as a cloud-based program, the GRAMPS software is still free but it also requires the rollApp software to make it work. rollApp is written by a different company and rollApp does require payment. Actually, rollApp is useful for many different applications to run in the cloud (I use it), not just GRAMPS.

    The use of rollApp is described at while the use of GRAMPS with rollApp is described at



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