23andMe Moves into Researching in Medical Data, not just DNA

According to an article by Christina Farr that has been published in the CNBC web site:

DNA-testing start-up 23andMe is experimenting with a new way to collect a lot more health data from millions of its users than just their DNA.

The company is now asking a subset of customers if they’d be willing to incorporate their lab results, prescription information and medical history, after they’ve received the results from the genetic test. 23andMe, which has sold about 10 million at-home DNA testing kits, will be able to access that data if users let the company connect outside medical providers using a third-party medical data network called Human API.

CNBC viewed the service in action earlier this week and the company confirmed that it’s a beta program that will be gradually rolled out to all users, but declined to comment further on its plans. The service is still being piloted, said a person familiar with the matter, and the product could change depending on how it’s received.

You can read the full article at: https://cnb.cx/2JuzD3g.


Wow. And they talk about governmental overreach. Reminds me of a photo I saw recently of a tombstone nicely engraved with a recipe for cookies. Seems the Dearly Departed always answered requests for her recipe with “Over my dead body.” So there it was.

What she said.

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How many millions will give up their privacy?!!! Suggestion: a physical once a year. I agree with Betsy “over my dead body.”


“Currently, the company has access to genetic information via those who take its at-home DNA test, as well as some health information that it collects via surveys. Having access to a much broader data set would provide a lot more opportunity for 23andMe to open up new sources of revenue, experts say.”
Aaaaaaaand, there it is: Good old corporate greed. 23andMe is valued somewhere north of $2.5 Billion. The combined worth of pharmaceutical corporations is… what? Hundreds of billions of dollars…, or is their combined worth over a trillion now? How much more do they need?!?!? They already over-charge everyone for their medicines, going so far as to do fake testing on medicines that were grandfathered in because the correct dosage was known by at least 3500 years ago when it was mentioned in ancient manuscripts (Colchicine), but then they get a monopoly on those medicines and exclusive copyrights and no one else can even manufacture generic drugs. They are in collusion with the FDA.
I did do my DNA test via 23andMe. I also did the medical section. It was nice to find out I do not carry the gene for late-onset Alzheimer’s, and there’s a long list of other things for which I am not a carrier. They repeat nonsense questions about exercise and diet every few months (I’ve done this twice, don’t plan to repeat the same answers to the same questions again; repetition bores me senseless).
Let them have access to my medical records? Thanks to my non-senile mind, I have never opened an online account at my doctor’s office. Not a bloody chance in hell I’d ever share all my medical records with 23andMe that they would then share with a pharmaceutical corporation worth billions; they have enough information from the basic info I gave them with the ancestral health questions I answered.


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