The Genetic Genealogist Answers 9 Common Questions about DNA Testing

If you are unsure about all the facts surrounding DNA testing to prove the origins of your family tree, you need to read Sunny Morton’s interview of DNA expert Diahan Southard published in the LDS Living web site at:

It will be time well spent.

One comment: Read carefully section #2: How accurate are those ethnicity results?

“Ethnicity results are the most popular feature of DNA testing. However, they’re also the weakest part of the test, scientifically speaking. The good news is that ethnicity results are gradually getting more accurate and more specific. These changes sometimes cause confusion, though.”


My results came out to be 6% Jewish. I am not Jewish nor anyone of my ancestors. No other religion was reported.


    Replace Jewish with Semitic; it might more accurate, as they’re talking about being ethnically, not religiously, Jewish. A DNA test can’t discern your religion.


Denise L. McQuillen July 19, 2019 at 8:49 am

I had my DNA. Tested on Ancestry. And it came back 100% French. Even though my mom is full Italian and my father is French Indian ?? They explaones that the area. Associated with my ethnicity. Are basically in similar area or close and French outnumbered the Italian.


Ethnicity to me was the least interesting aspect


For those of us who are so cocksure that there are no ‘skeletons’ in our closet, I suggest you read the words, digest the words, and ponder the message before doing any DNA testing. I was one of those cocksure individuals who would have been a completely broken spirit had I found a close DNA ‘skeleton’. Several years later I can now say, thank goodness I had no skeletons but I now realize that I was really ill-prepared to discover any.
… “if you’re not ready to learn something unexpected, don’t test” …


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