Index the Contents of Your Entire Book Collection With Evernote

Rob Nightingale has written about the method he uses to index all the contents of the books in his personal library. He can later search his physical books for passages about climate change, but only in books about business. Or articles about the Himalaya in travel magazines that you have stored in a box. While Nightingale doesn’t mention genealogy books, I have to believe the same process will work well for all sorts of books, including genealogy, local history, and related topics.

He writes, “I’ve started creating notes in my Evernote library that act as indexes for the books, magazines, and reports I read.”

Rob Nightingale’s method isn’t automated. That is, the process isn’t performed by computers. Instead, it requires a lot of effort to create the indexes. Once the manual effort is completed, however, searching for and retrieving passages from a personal library is easily accomplished in a matter of seconds.

You can read Rob Nightingale’s method of creating instantly-searchable indexes in the MakeUseOf web site at:

Good database for recording your libraries.


    Agreed on librarything. And it has a smartphone app that syncs with your desktop or laptop so that you can check your library on the go.

    Like is one of the best, easiest method of cataloging your own books, or catalog an established small library via their LibraryCat.


I have my genealogy library cataloged in It’s not every word searchable, but I have a link on my genealogy web page allowing anyone to browse what books I have in my collection.


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