Death of the Blue Bloods ‘Red Book’ As Debrett’s Moves Online Only

For 250 years it has graced the shelves of manor houses and stately homes, its pages offering comfort and confirmation to the families of the landed gentry as to their rightful place in society.

Should any parvenu cast aspersions on their status and pedigree it was a simple matter of leafing through the leather bound pages of ‘the Red book’ and confirming that it was indeed blue blood which coursed through their veins.

Debrett’s is to stop publishing the printed version of The Peerage and Baronetage, which will now be produced in digital form only. The high cost of printing and distributing the 3,000 page tome has forced the publisher to abandon the print edition of the longstanding reference book.

Debrett’s said it would continue to chronicle Britain’s hereditary system in a way that would allow online users to search for the history and pedigree of families.

You can read the details in an article by Patrick Sawer in the Telegraph at:

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