Now Even Funerals are Livestreamed

From an article by Paris Martineau in the Wired web site:

“In a culture obsessed with tweeting and Instagramming every moment of life, it’s little surprise that streaming extends to death. Funeral livestreaming services have been around for more than a decade, but the practice [of live streaming videos of funerals] has recently exploded in popularity, says Bryant Hightower, president-elect of the National Funeral Directors Association. He estimates that nearly 20 percent of US funeral homes now offer the service—a big number in an industry resistant to change—in response to demand from clients. Tech-savvy entrepreneurs offer livestreaming as a service to hesitant funeral directors.”

“The videos are not solely for the benefit of remote viewers. Natalie Levy and her family found that it proved most useful to those that attended. ‘One of the things that we were told was: You’re not going to remember anything,’ she says. ‘[Everyone is] saying all these wonderful things, they’re telling these stories and you can’t process it,’ the grief and shock is just too much.”

You can read the full story at:


I helped with a WEDDING that was livestreamed because the groom’s mother was bedridden with cancer.


Our family has (sadly, as we miss the “guest of honor”), done this several times as people are all over the globe in this generation.


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